The Unknown Secret

Cherry's life is normal, well, normal enough. She has her best friends, the crush she is trying to win over, and her enemies.
But one day she finds out something that could change her life so quickly that she's won't even have time to try and fix it.
Can she keep the secret unrevealed?


8. Some time to think about plans

2 hours. 2 hours left until the party and im not even excited. I am so annoyed at Linda. All i have done all day is cry, and seeing her again tonight wont make it better.

My mother walks into my room and smiles down at me. She knows about the party, and John, and Linda, and she still wants me to go.

"Get up." she says.

"I dont want to go." I reply.

"I am making you."

I whine and lift myself up of the ground, putting on my dress and my shoes. I walk to my mirror and grumpily look at myself, I look horrible.

"Mum, I really don't want to go." I beg her.

She sighs and starts to braid my knotty hair, pulling and tugging really hard.

"You need to face them, Cher."
I was still looking at myself in the mirrow trying to think about a hairstyle that would be appropriate because I wanted to say don't mess with me but also cute.
"Let me help you" said mum.
I didn't even notice that she was still standing next to me.
My mum grabbed my hairbrush and brushed through my hair slowly.
I loved when she did this because I always started to think of plans.
'Hey maybe I could win him over , I mean that would be awesome or not.
How about this
I will pretend I have a boy friend so he will come over to check what is going on. Hmmm.. The only thing I need is the right boy maybe maybe I could ask my neighbour Tim to come with me I mean he is cute and very understanding and he is a very good friend. Yes that is what I will do maybe I can make Tim hold hands with me! Tonight is going to be fun but very difficult because the plan could not work either.' I thought.
I looked into the mirror and was stunned! My mum has straightened my hair but has made some waves at the tips of my hair. It looked perfect to my plan, the only thing I needed was an old friend to help me.


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