The Unknown Secret

Cherry's life is normal, well, normal enough. She has her best friends, the crush she is trying to win over, and her enemies.
But one day she finds out something that could change her life so quickly that she's won't even have time to try and fix it.
Can she keep the secret unrevealed?


7. Nice things and Bad things


The week went so slow. Like, too slow to even do anything properly. All I could think about was the party. What was i going to wear? What was it going to be like? Was Linda going to be there? Well, duh, of course she will be.

It got to the end of school on Friday and I almost ran out the doors with excitement. But I never got to because I had run into someone.

"Ugh! My god! Get off me you b**ch!" Linda Squeals, pushing me of her.

I frowned at her, I wasn't in the mood to put up with her. "I'm sorry, Linda. I didn't see you there."

She snarled and wiped her jumper. "I hate you. And," She starts, "Stay away from John. He's mine."

I must have widened my eyes at her because added, "Don't try to play innocent with me, Cherry."

She poked me and walked away. I Sighed and turned around to walk to Syl, Anna and Lucy. “What was all that about?” Anna Asked.

“I ran into her and she freaked at me.” I sighed, whilst putting my bag over my shoulder. We walked to the car park and stopped in front of my car.

“I got dropped off this morning, so…” Syl starts. I smile and face her.

“Are you guys all invited to the party John is having?”

Syl nods, she must be going with Tom.

Anna and Lucy look at each other and Anna says, “We were invited to go along with the boys to a party. It must be Johns.”

We all nod. “I need a dress or something,” I say, “I don’t have anything!”

“I have an Idea!” Syl Laughs and pulls me towards my car. “Ill go with Cherry shopping, and you guys,” She points at Anna and Lucy, “Do whatever the heck you want.”

And with that Syl and I are in the car and pulling out of our park, leaving Anna and Lucy standing there. What good friends we are.


“I like this one,” Syl says, whilst holding up a purple dress, “Your blonde hair makes it stand out.” I nod and take it from her.

“I think that’s enough looking, Syl. I have 6 I need to try on.”

She laughs and gestures me towards the change room. “hurry up. I need to see all of them.”

I sighs and lock the change room behind me. I slip into the dress quite quickly. 

Syl always becomes bossy in these situations, she has to be the most fashionable person I know. She could spend all day in a clothes shop if she could. I walk out of the change room with the first dress on. It was a short black dress, but it was a little too much for a party. It would have suited a school dance. Syl obviously agrees with me.

“Ew, not that one.” She shrinks her face in disgust. I laugh and point at the other dresses, “Which one next?” I ask.

She turns her head to the side with thought, and moves her lips. I giggle, because this is the face she pulls only when she is thinking hard. 

“Nope, screw them,” She scowls at the 4 dresses I havent tried on yet. She stares at the last one, the purple one. “Try that on.”

I laugh and nod. I pick up the purple one and shut the change room. I Slide into the dress as I hear Syl sit on the couch outside. I open the change room and walk out to stand in front of Syl. She is staring at her phone.

“Syl! Hello?” I ask her, whilst putting my hands in the air. She puts a finger up to me.

“Hold on.” I sigh and put my hands on my hips. I stand there for about 10 seconds. Syl is still staring at the phone.

“What is it, Syl?” I question, whilst going to her left side to look at the phone.

“Look,” She points at the screen. What I see is a Facebook status coming from the one and only, Linda. This is what it said.


Linda Chapman> Cherry Ellis

9 minutes ago

You are such a b**ch, and so heavy! Lose some weight! 



I gasp and snatch the phone from Syl, I am furious. I stare at the screen.

“How dare her, Syl.”

“I know.”

I hand her phone back and tie my hair back. I plonk myself down on the couch next to her, I look at her screen again.

“Wait a second,” I start, noticing the 12 comments that have been written, “Click on the comments.”

She does and hands me the phone again. I scroll through them. Here is what they say:


Sarah Parker

7 minutes ago

Totes agree with you.


Gemma Camerons

6 minutes ago

She just annoys me too, I am so sick of her and her friends.


Anna Lucas

5 minutes ago

Linda you outright B**ch! How dare you be mean to someone who didn’t ever do anything to you? Cherry is one of my best friends…


Linda Chapman

5 minutes ago

Excuse me! She did! She full on ran into me, ON PURPOSE! I hate her!


Anna Lucas

5 minutes ago

Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, this could be your fault too? Or does your stupid brain not register that.


Linda Chapman

4 minutes ago

F**K OFF B**CH. I know some information about her that she wont want me to reveal, but if she annoys me any more, i will.


Lucy Ross

3 minutes ago

Anna is right, Linda.


Linda Chapman

3 minutes ago

I know that is you, Anna. I am not stupid.


Lucy Ross

3 minutes ago

Are you sure about that? I bet you don’t even know the meaning of stupid.


Chloe Chesterfield

3 minutes ago

I am with you, Linda. Cherry I just an annoying waste of space.


Linda Chapman

2 minutes ago

She sure is, she thinks she rules the school. Well, sorry to break it to her, WE DO!


John Comry

1 minute ago

Linda, you do not own the school. The principle does. And what you have done is really mean. Please take it down. See you soon!


There are no more comments after that. I blink back tears and hand Syl her phone back.

“At least Anna, Lucy and John stood up for you.” Syl assures.

“I know, but the fact that John added ‘see you soon’ on the end of his comment makes it all seem fake.”

“I know.” Syl agrees. A lady from the shop comes out from behind the front desk and walks over to us.

“Excuse me, girls. I know that dress is highly cute but I think we might need to take it off now.” She points at what I am wearing. I look at Syl.

“I am buying it.”

She nods at me to take the dress off, while she walks to the racks to put the other dresses I hadn’t tried on back. I buy the dress and Syl and I both walk out of the shop looking like a pair who just lost their families.

Sad and depressed.


“Pizza?” Syl suggests. We have been driving around town looking for something to eat.

“Nahh, not pizza, it makes me sick.” I say, whilst turning yet another corner.

“Fine. What about McDonalds?” She asks.





“maybe.” I hint.

“Well it’s the best response we’re going to get out of you so let’s just go to a café.” I smile and pull into ‘Charlies Café’. I used to go here a lot with my parents before dad got a job as a police officer. We walk through the doors and find a spot in the corner. I stare into space, thinking.

“What do you think Linda and John are doing tonight?” I mumble.

“Dunno. I should probably text Tom, see what he’s doing.”

I nod and smile, I am so happy for Syl. Tom likes her a lot and she likes him too.

“You guys are so cute.” I tell her, whilst looking at the menu. She giggles, and then picks up a menu herself.

“I can’t wait until the party. You?” she asks.

“I guess,” I shrug, “I would probably enjoy it more if I went with someone.”

She frowns and looks me in the eye. “I’ll be there.”

“I know, but you’ll be with Tom, and I’ll just be sitting in the corner watching the guy I like flirt with my enemy.”

She laughs. “It won’t be that bad.”

“What won’t be that bad?” I hear a voice say.

“Go away, Linda.” I hear Syl whisper under her breath.

All of her friends laugh their stupid laughs and smirk at us.

“Did you see the facebook status, Cherry? I’m sure your notifications will be full.” Linda says sarcastically.

“We were even, Linda. I had 3 people stand up for me and you had 3 stand for you. Even.”

“Yeah, but they were your friends.”

“And they were your friends.”

“Whatever,” she shrugs and spins, “I want a diet coke. Don’t want to get fat before John gets here.” She tells one of her friends to get her a diet coke.

When Syl and I are left alone, I turn to her. “Is John coming here?”

She nods slowly, “I think so.”

I swear under my breath and pretend to be putting all my focus on the menu, but really, I am watching to see if John is coming in. He walks in about 3 minutes later. He is wearing the t-shirt he wore the first day I saw him, and a pair of jeans. I kick Syl under the table.

“Here he is.” I point.

She turns her head and looks at him. She grins and turns back to me, “He’s very good-looking.”

I blush a deep shade of red. I look at John again and see him as he makes his way towards Linda. She is standing up straight and smiling sweetly at him. He walks over and stands in front of her, and she reaches for his arm. I sigh and return to my menu, I don’t really want to keep watching.

“Don’t look so depressed,” Syl laughs at me. All I want to do is leave now, this is too much.

“Can we leave, Syl?” I ask. She shakes her head and notions back to John and Linda.

“They’re leaving first.” And with that, I see Linda pretty much dragging John out of the café, with her friends at their heels. As they get to the door, though, John turns to look at me and smiles.

That gorgeous smile I really like. I widen my eyes as he waves at me. “Oh my gosh, Cher.” Syl stutters.

Linda notices what John is doing, and looks back at me angrily. I smile at her and then Linda goes evil.

She spins John around and hugs him, okay, squeezes him. His arms flail out the side and he tries to hug her back. But before you know it, her lips are on his. She wraps her arms around his neck and forcefully adds the tongue. John looks so surprised and so scared. He goes along with it, and when Linda stops kissing him, he blinks at her. She smirks and looks directly at me.

“See you tomorrow night, Losers!”

I don’t want to go anymore.


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