The Unknown Secret

Cherry's life is normal, well, normal enough. She has her best friends, the crush she is trying to win over, and her enemies.
But one day she finds out something that could change her life so quickly that she's won't even have time to try and fix it.
Can she keep the secret unrevealed?


2. A new school year

I heard an alarm clock going off and somebody coming in to my room.Somebody grabbed my blanket and threw it on the floor. I groaned.
'Wake up Cherry!! You are going to be late for school!' mum said.
I jumped out of my bed. Oh my! I had forgotten that it was the first day of the 9th grade and that I had to get up earlier, oopsies!
I ran into the bathroom to get changed, ran down stairs grabbing an apple from the kitchen table, putting on my shoes and then ran out of the house as fast as I could.
I reached the school in record time and 5 minutes early seeing all the new students on the schoolgrounds.
On the wall I saw Syl sitting with the rest of our gang. Anna and Lucy were beside Syl. They were my good friends but I have known Syl longer than them.
When Syl saw me she waved for me to come over.
'Hey girls!' I shouted, I raced over to my friends.
'Hey Cher! How are you?' asked Syl. The girls always called me Cher and I think it is because I have an amazing voice. That is what they say. I don't think my voice is special even thought I love to sing.
'Hi Syl. I'm fine, just tired and already stressed. How about you? '
'Excited, I heard there are going to be 4 new boys and a new girl In our class!' said Syl.

'I hope the bell goes soon so we can meet them!" Pipes Ana.

Right on queue... I hear...
Driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing..... The bell.

All the girls laugh.
'We should go in. I dont want to be in Detention on the first day!' Anna said.

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