The Love Of His Life (harry styles fan fiction)

harry styles and his best friend ally (alex) Prescott were just friends when they admitted they had feelings for each other. another band member admits he has fallen for ally. the band member doesn't know how and when to tell harry but he loves ally so much he just had to do something. kiss her. Harry addmitted he couldn't be mad at his best friend. Ally and the member of the band she kissed, promised it would never happen again. Harry decides to take there relationship further and propose...


21. your more than that!

"harry, its been a week now since you proposed, how about we announce it on twitter!" I suggested. "we don't have to, it was just an idea!"

"yeah! that's a great idea!" responded harry with a smile on his face.

harry pulled his phone out of his pocket of his hoody and I went to get my phone from our bedroom. I went straight on twitter. it was all likes, likes, likes! I posted:

'hey guys! me and harry have some good news! and that news is............ We're Engaged!!!! love you so much harry <3 :) xxxxx'

about 2 minutes after I posted, I had already got 27 likes and 13 comments:

'congratulations harry and ally! xx <3hally<3'

'I knew you would one day! congrats guys!;) xx'

'congrats harry and ally!'

'congratulations! love ya both xx'

but then I saw this 1 comment:

'harry! you shouldn't of proposed! you don't deserve her! go find someone else, someone pretty and perfect!'

I was really upset. I'd never had hate before. the only hate I'd had was this girl on twitter who called me ugly but she apologised so I forgave her! I showed harry that new comment and he read it carefully.

"ignore her. she's just jealous of you. everyone knows your pretty and perfect! In fact your more than that!"

I gave harry a small grin and put my phone away. I watched harry on his instead. he looked on my account and wrote a tweet to that girl:

'don't call my fiancé ugly! she is perfect and everyone knows that. your just jealous and if you don't like her then she doesn't like you!'

I looked up at him. he obviously was angry.

"don't worry harry its fine."

"no its not."

"it is harry."

he looked at me, "sorry."

I kissed him on the cheek and turned on the TV.

I flicked to the music channels. guess what was number one? best song ever! still! "wow harry! still number one!"

"oh yeah!" he smiled. "did I tell you we have a new song coming out in November!?"

"no! what's it called?"

"story of my life!"

"oh! sounds interesting!" I smiled and harry smiled back.

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