The Love Of His Life (harry styles fan fiction)

harry styles and his best friend ally (alex) Prescott were just friends when they admitted they had feelings for each other. another band member admits he has fallen for ally. the band member doesn't know how and when to tell harry but he loves ally so much he just had to do something. kiss her. Harry addmitted he couldn't be mad at his best friend. Ally and the member of the band she kissed, promised it would never happen again. Harry decides to take there relationship further and propose...


25. She pouted her lips for a kiss

When we got back home from the beach at 4:00, I went upstairs to unpack my bag. I also put on my navy blue and pink onesie that was fluffy inside!

i went downstairs and Harry and the boys were in the kitchen. I went and sat on the sofa and turned on the telly. MTV news came on and there was a picture of me and Harry! I paused it and called Harry. "Harry, come here!"

"why are we on the telly?"

"I don't know?" I pressed the play button.

"good news!" Said the lady on the tv with an American accent, "1D's Harry Styes and girlfriend Alex Prescott, are getting married! They announced it on twitter on Monday and the news has spread quickly! So Harry and Ally, we wish you good luck for the future! Go onto our website for more details on this happy news!"

i looked at Harry and smiled. He went and sat on the armchair and patted his legs at me. I got up and ran over to him and sat on his lap. I switched the channels but it was all boring programmes. I went to look at the DVDs.

"forget the DVDs, let's go upstairs!"

I turned to look at Harry as he got up and took my hand. We ran upstairs, hand in hand and went into our room. We led on our double bed under the covers staring at each other awkwardly. I got closer to him and spread my fingers through his curls. We kissed.

We both fell asleep for a while and woke up at 8:00. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back and laughed.  

Harry P.O.V.

"I love you ally!" I told my Fiancé.

"I love you too!" 

Ally shuffled over to me. I looked at her. She was so small and delicate. she looked up at me and pouted her lips for a kiss so I gave her one! 

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