The Love Of His Life (harry styles fan fiction)

harry styles and his best friend ally (alex) Prescott were just friends when they admitted they had feelings for each other. another band member admits he has fallen for ally. the band member doesn't know how and when to tell harry but he loves ally so much he just had to do something. kiss her. Harry addmitted he couldn't be mad at his best friend. Ally and the member of the band she kissed, promised it would never happen again. Harry decides to take there relationship further and propose...


15. Molly

The next day, we decided to have a lazy day and watch loads of movies.

" What shall we watch?" Liam asked.

"dont know." Louis replied.

I went to look trough the dvds we had, Scooby doo (louis'), family guy (Zayn's)' spongebob (louis') most of them were louis'... Childish movies! i saw a movie i hated. It was marly and me.

"i love that movie." Said Niall.

"me too," said Liam. 

"Shall we watch this one?" Asked Zayn.

"ok!" Said Niall.

I started to cry as soon as it started. I knew the sad part was going to come eventually and because i knew it, it would probably come quicker. when that bit came, i placed my head in my hands. Harry hugged me. I think he remembered that i hated it. I had to go out of the room i couldnt handle it. I was over exaggerating a little. It just reminded me of a dog i had when i was little. She was a spaniel called Molly, she passed away when i was 8. I was so sad i loved her so much. I had known her my whole life.

tears were streaming down my cheeks. I couldnt believe i was crying so much about a dog.

harry came in and wrapped his arms around me.

"you crying about..."

"molly yeah."

"dont worry." 

"I'm so sorry i am being such a drama queen." 

"Its fine your not, i understand."

"you do?"

"yeah, i had a dog before I started school, i was younger so i didnt understand much but i still cried." 


harry pulled me closer to him and put me on his shoulders, he walked me back into the longe and threw me on the sofa. I loved it when he did that. I always laughed. When we went back into the living room the film had finished, i was happy again!

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