The Love Of His Life (harry styles fan fiction)

harry styles and his best friend ally (alex) Prescott were just friends when they admitted they had feelings for each other. another band member admits he has fallen for ally. the band member doesn't know how and when to tell harry but he loves ally so much he just had to do something. kiss her. Harry addmitted he couldn't be mad at his best friend. Ally and the member of the band she kissed, promised it would never happen again. Harry decides to take there relationship further and propose...


29. belt loops

"Zayn are you okay?" I asked him as i perched next to him on his bed.

"Yeah fine."

"Are you sure? You look sad."

"Just miss Perrie."

"Aww! She's on tour isnt she?"

"Yeah. It's nearly finished though."

"That's good then! You'll get to see her soon!"

"I know."

"I'm looking forward to seeing her too!"

he grinned. "Anyway! I better get ready!"

"Yeah me too!" I stood up and got out some clothes. I picked out some jeans and a t-shirt. I put my UGG boots to match. I quickly grabbed a jacket and waited for the rest of the boys to get ready.

Harry wandered out of the bathroom and kissed me on the cheek. "Your ready quick!"

"Yep!" I laughed.

"Love you."

"Love you too."

He wrapped his fingers in the belt loops on my jeans and pulled me closer to him. Our foreheads touched as we kissed.

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