The Love Of His Life (harry styles fan fiction)

harry styles and his best friend ally (alex) Prescott were just friends when they admitted they had feelings for each other. another band member admits he has fallen for ally. the band member doesn't know how and when to tell harry but he loves ally so much he just had to do something. kiss her. Harry addmitted he couldn't be mad at his best friend. Ally and the member of the band she kissed, promised it would never happen again. Harry decides to take there relationship further and propose...


18. 6 weeks

6 weeks! me and harry have been together for 6 weeks already. its gone so fast.

"am I right in saying you have been together for 6 weeks?" asked Zayn as we wandered into the kitchen.

"yes it is zayn!" I replied.


"thank you!" me and harry said with smiles on our faces.

"Zayn aren't you normally still in bed now?" harry asked.

"oh yeah, Liam woke me up."

"how?" I asked.

"he had a nightmare about spoons..."

I burst out laughing. "spoons?"

"yeah! did you not know he had a fear of them?" Zayn asked me.

"oh yeah. I forgot."

"silly I know!" harry laughed as I started laughing even more.

Zayn shook his head and smiled while he carried on spreading the butter onto his toast.

me and harry walked into the living room holding hands.

"morning love birds!" Louis said when we walked in the room. that was like his little nickname for us 'love birds'.

"morning Louis."

Liam was sat curled up in a ball on the sofa with his head buried in a cushion.

"what's up Liam?" I asked.


"you don't have to worry about silly old spoons!"

"I do!"


he looked at me and buried his head deeper into the cushion.

"anyone want a cuppa?" I asked.

"yes please!" said Louis.

"no thanks." Liam replied.

I walked into the kitchen where Zayn was boiling the kettle. "I heard you were making a tea so I started boiling the kettle!"

"oh thanks. where's Naill?"

"still in bed!"


Zayn walked out into the living room while I got 4 mugs out the cupboard.

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