Set me free.

“Aidan, could you just shut the hell up?”
I stared out from my bedroom window, looking down at what looks like to be the most beautiful girl I've ever met. She had long shoulder length black hair, cute button nose and a thin pale pink lips which was curved into an angry scowl. The first thing about her that caught my attention was her eyes. They were in a light shade of purple. Suddenly, I felt like as if my heart was beating a loud drum in my chest. I felt a tingling sensation shot through my whole body. A feeling of great happiness overwhelmed me. I knew right there and then that my sad and lonely life was about to take a long road trip and possibly never return. It was worth it. Everything that I did was worth it. Finally, I would be able to hold her in my arms once again. My lips slowly curved into a small smile.
"Anna..." After waiting for hundreds of years, the one person that I have been waiting for has finally arrived.


2. Surprised

Dear readers, 

                   AHA! I bet you thought this was the second chapter. Well... AHA! Sadly, you're wrong. LOL. I'm writing this thank you for checking out my story. The first chapter is kinda lame, so sorry about that. I just wanted to know whether you want me to continue with this story or not. So... Comment and tell me. Don't forget to favourite (like) this also. Follow me too! If you want to, I'm not going force or threaten you if you don't want to. (Follow me or else I will fly over to wherever you live and force you to sing WHAT DOES THE FOX SAYS! Just kidding! :D) To be honest, I was kinda scared writing the first chapter. Even though its not that scary! But its at night and I've watched A LOT of horror movies so... yeah. Things may happen, you never know! Don't judge me. :/ I kept looking around to make sure that... 'no one' is creeping on me. My mom walked in and thought that I was watching something inappropriate, wtf! SIGH. I should probably go watch some of PewDiePie's videos after this. PEACE OFF YO. 




(My English teacher would be so mad at me if she realized that I did not started off with ''Hi! How are you!' and ended with 'Hope to see you soon!' BLEH.)

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