"No. No. This isn't happening." I cry.


10. Whoops

Chapter 10: Harry's POV

I sit up from the sand and look at the morning windy sky. I guess the girls are still asleep since the tent is still closed. I shake the sand out of my hair and put my headband in. My hairs gotten a lot more curly and long. I swear if it gives me more acne I will cut it all off with a stick or something.

This week went by pretty fast. We built a little hut with some sticks and weeds and stuff. According to Sidney, that's where I'm supposed to sleep. Sidney finally recovered from the stomach flu she got in the beginning of this week. Luckily, neither Spencer or me caught it.

Spencer...Spencer's doing well. Really well. Haha. It's confusing what's going on with us. We've gotten really close. We're both just kinda having fun. I'm not sure what you'd consider us, but idk.

Eventually, Spencer walks out of the tent. We make eye contact and a smile comes to both our faces.

"Goodmorning" she says and comes and sits next to me.

"Hey" I say.

"Aren't you cold?" She asks.

"A little" I smile.

I grab the blanket I was sleeping with. I wrap it around the both of us. She leans into me, laying her head against my shoulder.

"Where's hot tea when you need it?" Spencer laughs.

I smirk.

"We've got some kinda frozen waters in one of the boxes if your thirsty" I smile.

"HOT tea Harry. HOT. I didn't say a water bottle Popsicle" she says.

I laugh.

"How much longer" Spencer says.

"Until what?" I ask.

"Until we can go home" she sighs.

"You're always talking about leaving" I laugh.

"Well don't you want to? This isn't the way I want to live." She says.

"I'm kinda enjoying it" I smile.

"How? There's nobody here. We all are really tired all the time. We've been living off of packaged food for about a month. It's just not what I want to live like." She says.

"Those are all just the bad things about this place." I say.

"Well there aren't any good things about this island" she says.

"There is too." I say smirking.

"Like what." She asks.

"Well...nobody is judging anyone since we all smell like crap, Sidney and I learned to make some sick bracelets out of some twine, Uh- I've improved on my cooking skills," I say as she giggles "and I met you."

She smiles. She grabs my arm and puts it around her. She has a tendency of doing that haha.

Sidney walks out of the tent as she rubs her eyes.

"Goodmorning Sid" Spencer says.

Sidney walks over to the other side of me and leans against me.

"Someone's still a bit tired" I say smiling.

She grabs some of the blanket and covers herself. I bring my arm back from around Spencer and grab Sidney and set her on my lap.

"How are you feeling Sid?" Spencer asks.

Sidney doesn't answer.

Oh yeah, Sidney seems to be kind of angry at Spencer for some reason. We don't know yet.

"What's wrong Sidney?" I ask.

"I'm just tired." She says grasping the blanket tighter.

I kiss the top of her head.

"Are you hungry?" I ask Sidney.

She nods her head.

"Do you want me to get you something?" Spencer asks.

"No. I want Harry to" she says.

I silently laugh.

"Hey. I'm trying" she mouths to me.

I give Spencer the blanket, and pick up Sidney. I stand up and walk over to the boxes and find something for Sidney.


Later that day, Sidney and I are making another sandcastle. Probably our one thousandth one.

"Why have you been angry at Spencer?" I ask as we're smoothing the sides of the castle.

"Because" Sidney sighs.

"Because why" I smirk.

"She took you away from me." She says putting her hands down.

"What?" I ask.

"A little bit ago I told you I had a crush on you remember?" She says.

"Oh yeah" I say smiling.

"You said you liked me too. But then Spencer kissed you and now you have a crush on her." She says drawing on the sand.

"Aw Sidney. I'll always have a crush on you. You're my little cutie" I say smirking.

"Really?" She asks.

"Yes Sidney." I say laughing.

"Ok good." She says.

"Where is Spencer anyways?" I ask.

"Sleeping in the tent." Sidney says repairing the sand castle.

"Oh. I'm going to go check on her." I say standing up and wipe the sand of my trousers.

I walk over to the tent. I unzip it and see Spencer laying down. She looks up at me.

"What's up" I say smiling and sit down next to her.

She sits up.

"Nothing. Just a massive headache" she smiles.

"Oh I'm sorry. Need anything?" I ask.

"No it's ok." She says brushing her fingers through her hair.

"You do kind of look a little pale. Maybe you're dehydrated" I say "I'll get you some water" I stand up and walk out of the tent and grab a water bottle from one of the boxes.

I grab one that's not really frozen. I walk back in the tent and sit back down next to Spencer.

"Thank you Harry" she says smiling as I hand her the water.

"You're welcome" I say.

She lays down next to me as I sit. I play with a piece of her hair.

"Spencer" I say.

"Yeah" she asks quietly.

"Are you really twenty one" I ask.

"Yes harry" she says tiredly.

"Ugh. That's so old" I say.

She laughs.

"Well I'm sorry for aging" she giggles.

I lay down next to her.

I look at her. Her eyes closes. Her soft pale lips calmly still. She looks beautiful.

She slightly opens an eye and scoots closer to me. I kiss her forehead. She gives me a small kiss with her soft lips and then turns to face the other way. This time, I put my arm around her instead of her having to.

I take a breath.

"I love you Spencer." I whisper.

"I love you too David." She quietly says.

I take a moment.

"David?" I say.

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