"No. No. This isn't happening." I cry.


16. together-together

Chapter 16: Harry's POV

I keep thinking about Spencer. I honestly cannot wait to see her.

"Still looking at flats?" My mum asks as she comes into my room.

I draw my attention back to my computer.

"Kinda" I sigh.

She comes closer to me and looks at my computer.

"Why have I seen this one before" she asks confused, talking about the one I'm looking at on the screen.

"Cause it's here. In Holmes" I say.

"But I thought you were moving to-" she says.

"I've changed my mind" I say grinning.

"Because of the girl?" She asks.

"That 'girl' has a name" I laugh.

"Oh I know I know, but wasn't she moving here with her...boyfriend...?" She asks.

"Not any more." I smile.

"What happened to them?" She asks.

"I guess he was a jerk." I say.

"Well. I'm glad you're staying here in Holmes." My mum says smiling and walks out.

I smile.

I guess I could check out the flat after lunch.

I check the time. 11.30

Shoot I've got to get ready... Haha


As I sit in the booth I check my phone again...just to make sure I gave her the right address...

I look up and see her opening the restaurant door. I stick my phone back in my pocket and stand up out of the booth.

We make eye contact and she walks over.

"Spencer!" I say as she gets closer.

"Harry!" She says and wraps her arms around me.

"I've missed you" she says and we sit down across from each other.

"Yeah it's been forever" I say sarcastically.

She laughs.

"Your hand looks like it's getting better" she says.

"Haha yeah it's getting there" I say holding up the my wrapped hand.

"So how've you been love?" I ask.

"Pretty good" she sighs "I've just been so busy with all Sidney's stuff".

"What's going on with Sid?" I ask.

"They won't let me have her until I finish filling out all the paperwork and if I don't finish within like this year she'll be put into a foster home." She says sighing.

"You're adopting her...?" I ask.

"I guess...I mean, it's probably the right thing to do." She says.

" that something you like really want to do..?" I ask.

She nods her head.

"I know it's the right thing to do, but you shouldn't feel like you HAVE to. That might be a lot of work for you" I say.

"I'm twenty one. It'll be fine. And besides, when I move here she'll keep me company" she says.

"What do you mean 'when you move here'?" I ask "I thought you lived here with Dave" I say as if I know nothing.

"Oh...we uh- we're kinda done." She says.

"Oh I'm so sorry" I say "but I thought you still lived here...?" I ask.

"Oh-....alright I lied... Haha... I was back in Durham when you called. I really wanted to see you." She says smiling.

"You drove 3 hours just to see me" I laugh.

"It's boring there" she laughs with me.

A waitress comes over and takes our order. Minutes later she brings us our food and we continue talking. I'm trying to like...figure her out. It's kind of an off and on thing with her. On the island, she doesn't like me, then she does, we get home, and she pretends like it didn't happen. She breaks up with Dave, now she's all over me.

"So...have you found a flat yet here?" I ask.

"No. Not yet." She says.

"Oh. I'm looking for a flat also" I say taking a bite out of my pasta.

"Where?!" She asks kind of fast.

I laugh.

"I'm staying in Holmes Chapel. Just somewhere out of my mums flat" I smile.

She smiles.

"K good." She says taking a sip from her water.

"Why so relieved" I ask.

"I don't want you leaving" she says.

I smile.

"I was going to go check it out after could come if you'd want.." I say.

"That sounds fun" she says smiling back.

After lunch we both meet at the house I was looking at. We both meet up at the steps and walk in. It was like the "open house showing" or whatever.

"Hello! Are you here to see if you'd like to purchase this flat?" A woman asks with an overly happy smile.

I nod my head.

"You two together?" She asks.

"Yes" I say replying without thinking.

"Wonderful! This is a great flat for new couples! Now, follow me." She says and starts a tour of the house.

"I think she thinks we're like 'together-together' or something" spencer whispers to me.

"Me too" I whisper back smiling.

"Just go with it" she whispers as she silently giggles.

"So this is the kitchen. We've got these beautiful marble counter tops and sink-" the woman says.

"Oh I love the kitchen. I've got a joke. Why do women not need a license? Because there's no road from the kitchen to the laundry room! Haha!" I say to spencer knowing that was probably the lamest joke I've ever said.

"I knew I should've never married you" she shouts as she tries to sound overly emotional.

"Oh dear." I hear the woman say.

"It's ok. She usually does this." I tell the woman.

"Oh, so now you're talking behind my back to other woman?" She shouts.

"But- I" the woman says.

"Listen here you little whore. My husband feels the need to say massively unhumorous jokes around you. He's usually hilarious! I'm fact, he's a stand up comedian! YOU MAY MAKE HIM LOSE HIS JOB" she shouts at her.

"E-excuse me?" She asks.

"So, if you're be ever so kind to NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TOUCH, TALK TO, OR EVEN LOOK AT MY HIM that'd be great. Maybe it's because you wreak of desperation." she says crinkling up her little nose as if she smelt something horrid.

I try not to laugh.

"I'm most certainly do not!" The woman shouts.

"Oh is that what you said to all the other woman who came here also accusing you of flirting with their husbands? Haha yeah. Thought so. Harry we're leaving." She says and walks out really dramatically and slowly.

Moving her hips between each step.

My eyes are mesmerized.

"I wish my husband looked at me that way" the woman says and walks out of the kitchen.

I look up and come back to my senses. I can't help but laugh.

"HARRY" I hear spencer yell.

"Coming dear!" I shout back and then silently laugh.

As I walk back to the door I see the woman again.

"So I'll get back to you about this. I think this is the flat I want" I tell her.

She looks at me like I'm delusional.

I grab one of her cards from the counter and walk outside to spencer.

We both just start laughing really hard.

"That was probably the most pointless outburst I've ever heard" I laugh.

"I didn't know what to say" she laughs.

We begin walking to her car.

"So what'd you think of the flat?" She asks me as I walk her to her car.

"I like it. I think I actually might get it." I say.

"It does look really nice." She says.

We arrive at her car and I open her car door. She turns to face me before she gets in.

"I had fun with you today, Harry." She says smiling.

"Me too." I say "next time, I'm driving to Durham."

"No you don't have to" she laughs.

"I want to" I say smiling.

"Well, I'll see you later." She says hugging me.

I hug her back. She sits in her car and I close her door for her. I walk to my car and get in.

This sucks. It's as if the whole island thing never even happened. Now we have to start all over.

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