"No. No. This isn't happening." I cry.


2. The Sandcastle

Chapter 2: Harry's POV

I lay down on the sand. I stare up at the clouds with tears streaming down my face. Even though I didn't die on that plane, I will die out here. It's no use. The thought of what I could've done to not be on that plane. 

I see a shadow next to my body. I flinch as I sit up. I wipe the tears from my face.

It's a little girl. 

"H- how did you get here...?" I ask a little surprised. 

I shake the sand off damp hair. 

The little girl stays quiet. She slightly turns her body, and points toward the water. 

"What's out there sweetie" I say looking over.

My eyes widen as I see someone lying down on the shore. 

"Wh-what?" I say quickly standing up. 

I run over and kneel down next to the girl on the ground. I try my best not to look at the plane, not too far out in the sea. 

The water coming and going, I turn the girl's-... fit. Aha.

"Um...hello...?" I say shaking her arm. 

Her eyes continue to stay shut. 

"Crap" I say under my breath.

"Um...ok uh it's ok you don't need to wake" I say kinda panicking. she dead...? What do I do...?

I put my head to her heart.

She's not dead...she's got a heartbeat.

I feel someone touch my shoulder. Again, I flinch.

It's the little girl again. I think I scared her when I flinched haha.

"Sorry." I laugh.

", do you know her?" I ask the kid.

She doesn't answer me.

"Erm...ok" I say.

I see the luggage next to her. How did she manage to like...get that over here...? I mean, I was able to bring my backpack with clothes...this...haha uh this is like...impressive I guess...

I pick up the girl bridal style, and somehow grab the luggage.

The woman is surprisingly small, so it wasn't such a challenge.

The little girl follows me as I bring the woman and bag up over where I was before. 

I lay the girl down on the sand. 

"She your mum?" I ask the little girl.

The little girl doesn't answer. 

"She does look too young to be a mother..." I say.

Hopefully she isn't her mum...

"Well I guess we should wait for her to wake up...whats your name" I ask the little girl.

She doesn't answer me and just sits down on the sand next to me.

"Why don't you want to talk?" I ask kindly.

She shrugs her shoulders.

I gasp playfully and say "you responded! So you can hear me silly" I say tickling her stomach.

She's got a real cute laugh.

"Shall we do something?" I ask.

The little girl smiles and nods.

"How about....ooh! Let's build a sandcastle!" I say.

I stand up and walk over to another spot. I get down onto my knees as the little girl walks over.

"Alright. Let's get started" I say smiling.

We begin building a sandcastle for a bit, but We got a little carried away halfway through. 

The girl takes my headband, holding some of my hair back, off my head and puts it on herself.

"Well where you going with that?" I say laughing and chasing her as she runs around our "sandcastle in progress".

I grab her and hold her up and spin around. She seems to like that. I hold her to my side and take my headband. 

"That's mine silly" I say smiling as the girl giggles. 

The little girl still hasn't spoken, but I feel like I'm getting closer. She does laugh a lot. And is VERY ticklish. I'll probably have her speaking soon.

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