"No. No. This isn't happening." I cry.


12. technology these days.

Chapter 12: Harry's POV

I open my eyes, barely. I see Spencer with some kind of ear things. Where am I...?

I also see Sidney sitting next to her. I- I'm in a helicopter..? What's going on.


Spencer's POV:

I just went back to sleep in the tent for a couple more minutes.

"Spencer" I hear Sidney say as she comes into the tent about an hour later, waking me up.

"Yeah?...what's that noise?" I ask.

"P-people" she says.

"What?" I ask.

"There's people" she says.

"What?!" I say standing up.

I rush out of the tent to see the noise was...a helicopter....two actually..?

There's like men all around.

One runs right up to Sidney and me.

"Who else is here?" One of the men asks.

"Just the three of us..." I say confused.

"Where's the other one?" He asks.

"Somewhere in there" I say pointing to the forest.

A couple men go running to where I pointed.

"Wait- what are you guys doing here...?" I ask.

"What? You don't want to be saved?" He asks smiling.

"'re taking us home?" I ask.

"Why do you think we have the helicopters?" He asks laughing.

"Sidney! We're going home" I say kneeling down and hugging her.

I look over and they're carrying Harry out...why isn't he walking...?

I set Sidney down and run over.

"What happened to him?" I ask.

"You tell us" one of them says.

"He was with us a while ago, but then just ran into there" I say.

"He's fine. Just passed out. He seemed to of broken something in his hand. Probably blacked out from pain or something like that. He'll be ok." One of the guys say.

I can barely hear anything from the helicopters.

"Are you sure there's absolutely nobody else here, love?" Another guy asks me.

I nod my head.

"We were the only ones who made it out of the airplane." I say.

Sidney runs over to me. We get taken into one of the helicopters. They hand us the huge orange metal ear cover things. I sit in a seat and just try to process this....we're going home.

Sidney sits next to me. I grab her hand.

"We're going home" I smile.

She smiles back.

They bring Harry in. His hand is wrapped up and stuff. What'd he do to it...?

He lays down on the other side of Sidney and I on the helicopter.

"How did you find us?" I ask one of the men who are up front.

"Technology these days" he laughs.

I smile.

Another guy comes and sits next to Sidney and I.

"I need all your full names." He says.

"Spencer Wilson" I say.

"And what's yours?" He asks Sidney.

"Sidney." She says.

"And your last name" he says.

"Keller" she says.

"And what's his?" He asks referring to Harry.

"All I know is that his first name is Harry. I don't know his last name." I say.

"That's fine, love" the guy says and moves to up front.

I see him speak into his radio thing and say "the only people we could find are Spencer Wilson, Sidney Keller, and a teenage boy named Harry who's last name we're not sure of. We're having helicopter B stay and look for more people while we bring the three back."

We're actually going home...

About an hour goes by and I look over to see Harry looking around.

We make eye contact.

"Where are we" he asks.

"We're going home" I say smiling.

He looks even more confused.

"Harry! What's your last name?" I ask.

"Styles. Why?" He asks.

"Harry's last name is Styles" I tell the guy.

"The teenage boys name is Harry Styles." The man says in his radio.

Harry sits up.

"" He asks.

"They've been like trying to find us I guess" I say.

He smiles and looks out the window.

"We get to see our families and everyone can be happy again." Sidney giggles.

Harry and I both look at each other. I bite my lip. I don't know if she understands what even happened to her parents...

"Um excuse me, where are we going" I ask.

"Back to Durham. We've had thousands of people over by there waiting for us to find their families and friends." One guy says "you three are in for a lot of cameras" he laughs.

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