"No. No. This isn't happening." I cry.


5. Soon

Woah haha hey remember this fanfic? Haha sorry it's been so long! HOLY CRAP DUDE STORY OF MY LIFE VIDEO IS SO EMOTIONAL. Alright well enjoy :)


Chapter 5: Spencer's POV

I sit on my blanket on the sand. I look at Harry and the little girl talking. Wait....the girl is...talking...? Um wow... I guess I'm sorta good with kids....but not as good as Harry haha. Harry. Nice name. I'll remember that.

I lay down and look up at the sky. There's no clouds. It's just blue. I remember David and I would watch the clouds during the day sometimes. David's my boyfriend....who I'll never-....never see again. I mean...I want to see my family again. Am I going to die here? I want to see my mum. I want to see dad. Will I ever see them again....? 

As I think, tears come to my eyes. I bite my lips as the tear rolls down the side of my face. 

No. I'm not dying here. There's got to be someone who could help. 

I cry a little harder as I sit up. I grab my phone out of my pocket. I try turning it on, but obviously it's broken from the water.

"No!" I say and throw it at the sand. 

Both my hands stroke through my hair. I begin to breathe faster as more tears come down my face. I stand up. 

"Spencer" I hear Harry say as him and the girl walk over to me.

"I'm not staying here for the rest of my life Harry" I shout "there's got to be someone here" I say and begin running across the beach. 

Harry starts chasing after me, but I just run faster. Harry ends up just letting me go.

I probably sprinted around for about 10 minutes just trying to find somebody. I fell to the ground. Crying. I had a family. I had a life. There were so many things I wanted to do. This can't just happen. I can't do this. 

I sat for about an hour with both my arms wrapped around my legs. 

"Spencer" I hear someone say.

I look up, to no surprise, I see Harry standing over me. I stand up.

"I can't do this." I say and turn away.

"Yes you-" he begins saying.

"No! I need to go home! I need to see my family! I'm not finished with my life" I say breathing heavily walking around.

"Spencer calm down!" Harry shouts.

"Harry shut up you're not helping with anything! I have family and friends! You don't understand I need to get home!" I shout, crying, while standing straight in front of him.

"Why?! It's not the end of the world! You've been here for a day and now you think you're going to die?!" He shouts back.


"Spencer- hey, hey- calm down" he says.

"I-...I can't" I say.

"Shhh you'll be fine" he says grabbing me, wrapping his arms around me, and pulling me into him, trying to comfort me.

I bring my arms up his back to grab his shoulders as I lay my head down. 

"I just can't stay here forever Harry." I cry quietly into his shoulder. 

"We won't. They'll find us. Everything will go back to normal. We'll get to go home. Soon." He whispers. 

"Harry" I hear the little girl say a couple moments later.

We let go of eachother as Harry kneels down.

"Yeah Sidney?" He asks.

So her name is Sidney...

"When can I go home" she asks.

I sit down on the sand. Harry grabs her as he sits down, and sets her on his lap as we all face the ocean.

"Soon." He says.

I'm getting tired of that word. "Soon". Well how soon? How long is "soon"? That's what annoys me. You don't know how long "soon" will ever be.

I stand up and begin walking back over to where all our stuff is. I've calmed down a bit. I haven't broken down like that in forever. 

After a bit of walking I finally get back to where all the stuff is. I grab a water bottle. I look at all the trees that are behind everything. This island is weird. Like the sand is surrounding the trees and everything. Eh might as well check it out. 

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