"No. No. This isn't happening." I cry.


18. nothing's changed

Chapter 18: Harry's POV

"What was the worst part of this experience?" The interviewer asks looking at me.

Sidney and Spencer sit beside me on the couch. Cameras and people everywhere.

"Um...I broke my hand" I say chuckling.

"How?" The guy asks.

"I punched a tree." Everyone laughs.

"Alright, well we've got time for one more question. Someone from the audience can ask" says the interviewer as we all turn our attention to the audience.

A microphone is in a persons hand as she stands up.

"Sidney, who is taking care of you now?" She asks.

"I am." Spencer says, "today, I am officially her guardian."

People clap.

"Alright that's all the time we've got! See you next week!" The interviewer says to the camera and we all wave.

We hand back our shirt microphones and stand up.

All they asked about was just like the experience and everything. Some pointless questions.

Spencer and Sidney walk over to Spencer's mother. I walk over.

"Hey spens" I say, "and hello Sidney!! I've missed you so much" I say picking her up and hugging her.

"Good to see you again Harry." Spencer's mum says.

"You too." I say smiling with Sidney on my side.

"Um, spencer, I was wondering if you wanted to get something to eat or anything?" I ask.

She smiles, "Haha sure".

"I'll take her with me. Big day of moving tomorrow" Spencer's mum says taking Sidney.

"Moving?" I ask.

"Oh! I finally got a flat!" She says.

"Really? That's great!" I smile.

"Did you end up getting the one you wanted?" She asks.

"Um, no. Someone gave a bigger offer." I say.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She says.

"It's fine. I'm still going to keep searching, though" I say.

"Should we get going?" Spencer asks.

"Sure" I say.

We walk outside to our parked cars.

"Follow me." I say getting into my car.

I begin driving and looking for any good restaurants. I pull into one.

We both get out of our cars and together, we walk in.

We get a table and order drinks.

"So, where's your new flat?" I ask.

"Still in Holmes" she smiles.

Our dinner goes on kind of awkward. We both didn't really know what to say, Other than like "I missed you" and stuff.

After a very very long dinner, I pay and we walk out.

As we walk to our cars I stop.

She turns to me in confusion.

"I just really need to tell you something." I say.

"Yeah?" She asks.

"Spencer...I've really really missed you. Like not just something simple, it's like I can't stop thinking about you. I don't like the thought of what happened on that island is over. Obviously something happened on that island that I can not forget." I say.

We both pause for a couple seconds.

"Harry-" she says coming closer to me.

"I love you Spencer Wilson." I say quickly.

She stares at me.

"When I said it on the island, I really meant it. Nothing's changed. I love you." I say.

She stays emotionless.

I lick my lips and look down for a second.

"Do I have to say it again." I say slowly with a crack in my voice, looking back up to her eyes.

Long moments go by of her just staring.

"I-" I begin saying.

"Shh." She says closing her eyes "I love you too Harry".

"Wh-" I say.

She smashes her lips onto mine. One hand on my shoulder and one on my cheek. I put my arms around her waist and pull her closer.

We both flinch when a car honks right in front of us. I forgot we were right in the middle of the parking lot entrance...

We both laugh and I grab her hand as we run to her car.

She lays against the side of her car as I rub my thumb against her cheek.

"Harry." She asks.

"Hmm?" I say.

"Help raise Sidney with me." She says quickly with a smile.

"What?" I ask.

"You said you needed a flat, and you and Sidney love each other. Please." She asks grabbing hold of my hand that was on her cheek.

I smile.

"I thought you'd never ask." I smile as I kiss her lightly.

The end. 💕


I really hope you enjoyed my fanfic. I can tell you that I enjoyed writing it and reading all your guys' AMAZING comments! You guys are amazing. Love you all <333

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