"No. No. This isn't happening." I cry.


3. Nice to meet you

Chapter 3: Spencer's POV

I slowly open my eyes. I see a clear blue sky. I sit up and look around. It wasn't a dream. I'm still here. 

Why...why is there a tent...? Who else is on this island....? Crap where's the little girl?!?

I stand up and brush the sand off myself. Maybe the girl is in the tent...? I walk over to the tent. I grab the zipper.

I zip it down like halfway, and nobody's in it. 

"Um hello" I flinch when I hear someone speak. 

I turn around and see some guy holding the little girls hand, with an armful of wood. 

"Wha- but- how?- " I try and speak, but don't know what to say. 

My fingers stroke the top of my hair.

"Who are you" I ask.

"Harry." He says dropping the wood in a pile "I'm the one who carried you up here." 

" did you get here?" I ask.

"Who do you think was the one who made the hole in the plane" he says with a smirk.

"You?" I ask.

He smirks and pulls a big pocket knife out of his pocket.

"It was the first time I've ever used it...." He says and puts it back in his pocket and picks up the little girl "I had to make the hole in the plane's front door window. It was the only thing thin and easy enough to break." 

I look down.

"Oh" I say quietly.

The boy walks over to a big container. Opens it, and takes out a bag of beef jerky. He takes out a piece and puts the bag back.

"How did you all this stuff...?" I ask.

"I went back earlier this morning. I found a bunch of emergency packages and stuff. It was hard though. Almost died! Haha" he says setting the little girl down, and taking a bite of the jerky.

"Why would you joke about that." I say.

His smile dies down. 

"'s just..seeing all those people not be able to get out." I say sighing "Scary.."

I look up and see the little girl hold his hand.

"So, do you know the girl?" I ask.

" you?" He asks.

I shake my head.

"The mum gave her to me to get out of the plane." I say and shrug my shoulders "she seems to like you" I say.

"Yeah. We've bonded quite a bit last night." He smiles.

I sit down on the sand.

Both him and the little girl come sit beside me.

"So, Harry, is there anyone else here?" I ask.

He shakes his head.

"Just us" he sighs.

"Hm...well, what about you? What's your name?" I ask trying to sound nice to the little girl.

She doesn't answer.

"She hasn't really spoken..." Harry says.

"Really?" I ask.

He nods his head.

"I mean, she'll laugh and stuff, but she doesn't want to talk at all." He says.

"Oh." I say.

"But I'll probably get her speaking sometime soon" he says smiling and tickles the little girl.

The little girl laughs.

"Well...I'm just gonna go change..." I say standing up and brushing the sand of myself.

I walk over to my luggage. 

"That yours?" He asks.

I nod my head.

"How did you get it out of the plane...?" He laughs.

"I have my ways." I say smirking and bringing it into the tent, where I'm going to change.

"Wait" he says as I'm about to zip it close.

"What" I say.

"Um I didn't catch your name." He says standing up.

I smile.

"Spencer." I say.

He smirks.

"Nice to meet you spencer." He says and then smiles to the ground. 

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