"No. No. This isn't happening." I cry.


8. Ideas

Chapter 8: Harry's POV 

She has a boyfriend. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. You'll maybe never see him again....or for a while.... Ok I don't know when someone will find us, but you'll be a while. Maybe she was lying... She probably thought I was some mad person...crap.

I slept on the sand last night. Well, I tried to sleep. All I could think about was last night. Now everything's going to be awkward. Great. Maybe I'll just idk not really like talk to her. I'll get over her....hopefully...

I stand up and brush the sand out of my hair. I walk over to my backpack and grab some different clothes. I change my trousers and begin putting my other shirt on. 

Spencer comes out of the tent. I glance over and then look a different way. 

"Good morning" she says yawning.

I don't answer. 

I walk back to my backpack and put my clothes back in it.

"You know, my leg is feeling kinda better" she says.

"Cool" I mumble, zipping up my backpack, not making eye contact. 

A couple moments later I walk over to one of the boxes and grab a water bottle.

"Sidney's still asleep." She says.

I look down.

"I mean like....I thought I was a big sleeper haha" she says.

"K" I say sitting down on the sand.

Spencer sits beside me.

"Alright listen harry. If this is your way to piss me off from last night, then fine. Whatever. But I'm just gonna tell you now that I can be just as annoying. So stop being such a little douche and act like this is all awkward. I'm sorry I didn't want to do a stupid make out session with you last night. And the way you're acting is probably the most childish thing I've ever seen. Grow up." She quietly says all pissed and stands up and walks away. 

Isn't she just a joy to be around.

I stand up and follow her.

"Spencer" I say making her stop.

She turns around.

"I'm sorry. Alright?" I say kind of annoyed.

"Wow so meaningful" she says rolling her eyes.

"Just calm down! I don't talk to you for literally five minutes and you go off on me how I'm so childish and annoying! And now you won't take a stupid apology?!" I say.

"Screw you" she says and walks back into the tent.


Why are woman so complicated?! Besides, why would she care so much that I was ignoring her. I thought I was just lil teenager. A childish annoying awkward douche. Who needs to grow up....wait...

Ok I know I might be mad but what if- just what it- since she cared so much....she fancied me back...? I don't know. I mean, why would someone get so angry at me just because I didn't want to talk to her....? Idk. It's just an idea.



Lol sorry this chapter was kinda short...

There will be longer ones I promise haha

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