"No. No. This isn't happening." I cry.


7. Forget

Chapter 7: Spencer's POV 

Harry brought me back and cleaned/wrapped my leg. He seemed to really care to help. He seems so much...older than he really is I guess. 

That night we started a fire for the first time. Sidney's such a cutie. She kept wanting to help rearrange the wood in the pile before we would light it with some matches we found in one of the boxes.

 "They want to be next to their friends before they die" she once said.

We were smart to make a fire in advance. It seems to get really cold at night. 

We cooked canned beans over the fire for dinner. Not something I would personally want, but at least we got something. 

I changed into my pajamas and wrapped myself up in a blanket. Sidney doesn't have any other clothes, so she's wearing one of my pajama tops. Harry's also just wrapped up in a blanket.

The three of us lay down on the sand and watch the stars. Sidney laying between Harry and me.

"That one looks like a hand with seven fingers" Sidney says pointing.

"Looks more like a banana" Harry smiles.

"No. The stars underneath the moon is in the shape of a banana Harry" Sidney corrects him.

Harry and me laugh.


"Oh alright" He says.


"Ooh! Ooh! I found some that looks like a star" I say pointing.

"Spencer" Harry says.

"Yeah?" I say looking at him.

"That's because it is a star" he smiles.

"No they're like in the shape of a star" I say smiling.

He laughs.

"Ugh you know what I mean" I laugh and nudge his shoulder.

Sidney puts her hands over her eyes.

"What are you doing?" Harry laughs.

"Covering my eyes." Sidney says.

"What for?" I ask smiling.

"Because. If I would ever watch a film with mummy, before people kissed, she would cover my eyes." Sidney says.

"What?" I ask.

 "When you were finding something to eat in the box and stuff, Harry said that tonight he might try to-" Sidney begins saying but is cut off by Harry.

"Erm- Sidney...I think it's bedtime" he says. 

He quickly sits up and grabs Sidney. He stands up and carries her to the tent. I sit up in confusion. 

Harry? Me? But-... I mean we did talk and stuff but....what?

That all happened like way too fast for me...haha. Harry wanted to kiss me. A smirk appears on my face. He fancies me. Haha.


I stand up and brush the sand off my blanket. I walk over and sit next to the fire. Harry then comes out of the tent. 

"Um...I'm going to go get some water to put this fire out..." He says smiling, still looking like he's embarrassed. 

He grabs an empty water bottle and walks over to the ocean. I watch as he tries not to get wet while trying to get water in the bottle. I laugh. 

He comes back up and puts most of the fire out. I then get a handful of sand and put out the remains. 

"Thanks" he says and sits down next to me.

"No problem" I say smiling.

A couple REALLY awkward moments go by.

"Listen, what Sidney said- um she didn't really say exactly what I said. Like technically I didn't say anything like that-" he begins saying.

"Harry" I laugh "It's cute that you've got your little 'crush' on me...but you see, you're a teenager. I'm an adult." I say.

"You're only one year older than me though" he says.

I lick my lips. 

"I- I know, but you see... I kind of have a boyfriend back home." I say

He slowly looks to the ground. 

"Harry" I say.

"No no it's fine. I understand." He says.

"It's just- I don't want things to be like massively awkward while we're here." I say.

He looks up.

"I know I know" he says. "Can we just forget this thing ever happened" he asks in a quiet tone.

I take a moment.

I finally nod my head.


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