"No. No. This isn't happening." I cry.


14. Drunk

Chapter 14: Harry's POV

*about a week later*

So apparently Spencer was supposed to be moving here, but I haven't seen her around. To be honest, everyday before I leave my flat, I'm just hoping i'll run into her somehow or somewhere. I know I shouldn't be feeling this, but its just weird.

I drove over to a pub close to my house. I hadn't really done anything today. Finally got a new phone. That was pretty much the highlight of my day. Just the whole spencer thing has literally been on my mind too much lately, I don't really have any interests in anything else.

I walk in and walk up to the bar. Maybe a couple beers will get her off my mind.

As I drink my beer, some drunk guy next to me dropped his phone from his pocket. I pick it up.

"You dropped this" I say handing it to him.

"Thanks lad." He says and takes it and puts it back in his pocket.

"No problem." I respond back.

"You seem like a nice guy...could I tell you something?" He says turning towards me in his chair.

It's David.

"Oh um yeah...sure" I say trying not to completely show my face.

"So I had this girl. She got lost on some plane n stuff and I was thinkin like she was dead. So I hooked up with some other girl- I forgot her name...Rebekah or somthin'...and then wabam! My other girl comes back alive and moves in with me. I wasn't even planning on her moving in with me in the first place. We were together for like-....I forgot how long..." He slurs

"2 years" I say

"Yeah! And like I wasn't feeling what I like felt before with her anymore. So I was planning on breakin' up with her, but she comes and there's this kid, this like child, that she's been takin care of. She wanted to adopt cause the kid didn't have any other family they could find and stuff. And that was when I drew the line! I was like 'listen girl I hooked up with someone else coz I thought you were dead' and stuff and so now I don't know where she is. But it's alright cause when she was gone, I'm pretty sure she hooked up with some guy she was stuck with....he- he kinda looked like you. Do- do you know my old girl, Spencer?" He asks as drunk.

"I do actually" I say and immediately throw my healing fist to the side of his face. "And I know that she's glad she's not with a douche like you anymore." I say after David's body hits the floor.

I take money out of my jacket pocket and lay it on the place I was sitting at to pay for my drink.

I begin walking out.

"Screw you man" he says standing up and pushes me to the ground.

I get up.

"Oh, and yeah, I am the guy she hooked up with on the island." I say smirking and give him a wink.

He then throws a punch to my lip.

"Listen kid-" he says.

I push him to the ground and we both just go at it.

We got separated after a bit from the manager. He first kicked out David. As I was sitting on the floor I saw David's phone. I grabbed it. I then just walked out to my car.

I grabbed his phone from my pocket and looked through his contacts. I searched for Spencer's contact. I grabbed out my phone and put her number in my phone.

I looked up and saw David just sitting on the sidewalk. I drove over and tossed his phone to him, and just drove back to my flat.

I looked at my hand. That actually really hurt haha. I don't really care anymore. I got Spencer's number.

Maybe I should call her. What do I say...? "Remember me?" Haha no.

Um... "Hey Spens! Uh how've you been..?" No.

I'll just call her in the morning I guess.

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