"No. No. This isn't happening." I cry.


1. Crash

Chapter 1: Spencer's POV 

They call my gate number. I walk onto the plane, find my seat, and quietly sit down. 1st class. I'm going over to California to visit my aunt, and of course she paid for 1st class. This is my 1st out of the 4 airplanes I'm taking to get to America. 

I get out some sleeping pills. Eh, might as well sleep. It's going to be hard to adjust from the time change and everything. I take a couple pills and then relax. 

More and more people begin coming on the plane. A couple people bump into my bag. I decide to put it in the upper compartment thing. I decided to bring one of my suitcases as my carry-on cause...I don't know, I don't really trust those separate baggage things. They loose luggage all the time. 

Moments later I begin to fall asleep. Little did I know...I would wake up to a surprise.


I'm waken up by a weird feeling in my stomach and people screaming. I blink a couple times. It scares me that everyone is screaming. People are crying. My stomach...has that feeling you get when you're-..... I look out the window. Wait what's happening. 

"No. No. This isn't happening." I cry.

"No! Please this can't happen!" I scream like everyone else.

In a matter of seconds, I grab my luggage from the compartment to grasp onto for support.

This feeling is making me sick. I begin screaming and crying. I feel as if I'm going to pass out. my heavy breathing makes me light headed. I don't want to die. I don't. I glance out the window and see water. 

I cry as I watch us get closer and closer. All I remember is the plane hitting water. I black out.



Again, I wake up to screaming and crying. 

The plane is filled with water that goes up to my knees as I'm sitting down. I look over and people are screaming and crying as they're gathered around one spot. 

I grab my bag and stand up. I almost fall back down from dizziness.

I walk over. I squeeze through and see that everyone is gathered around a little hole in the plane. Children would be able to fit, but not adults. I could cause I'm quite really small. It's weird being a 20 year old who is tall, but ridiculously tiny. 

I push people out of my way to get closer to the hole that's actually bringing water in the plane. People realize also, I could fit. Most people know their kids could fit, but don't want to lose them I guess.

"What is she doing?" "Not another one" "she's following the boy" I hear people whisper as I sit beside the hole, getting ready to swim out. 

I take a deep breath. 

"Miss! Wait!" I hear a woman call right before I go.

I turn and look. 

"Um could you please take my daughter. I don't want her to die like this. Please love" a woman says as she's bawling.

Her daughter looks about 7. 

"Um...sure" I say.

The little girl grabs my hand. The woman watches in tears as her husband wraps his arms around her, also in tears. 

"Um alright, we've got to hold our breath for a bit. You ready?" I ask the child.

She nods her head.

I count to three and I pull the child as  we squeeze through the hole. I clench to my luggage a bit tighter. I grab the girl and, as quickly as I can, swim up to the top. 

Both the girl and I gasp for air. I turn and see the plane. Very slowly begin to sink. Tears run down my face. My stomach hurt. My head ached. I just felt like dying right here. All those people. I can't take this.

The little girl then climbs onto my back. I turn and see a small piece of land, not too far away. Well...guess that's where we're going. 

I try my best to stay above the water. I feel sick. My head pounding. Tears rolling down my face. I've never been that scared. Just the feeling of dying. 

The little girl holds onto me tightly. Hasn't said a word the whole time.

I finally get close enough for my feet to touch the ground. Over half my body is already out of the water. I stumble onto the sand. I feel the little girl slide off my back. Everything gets blurry. I drop my luggage and fall to the ground. 





So uh hi haha. 


I really hope you like this so far! 

Please comment what you think! 


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