"No. No. This isn't happening." I cry.


11. Breakdown

Chapter 11: Spencer's POV

"David?" Harry says.

Did I just-....

"What?" I ask.

"You just pretty much said you loved David" he says sitting up.

I bite my lip.

"No I didn't" I say, staying faced away.

"Spencer." He says.

I slowly turn towards him.

"Yeah...?" I ask.

This is so embarrassing....

Harry wipes his face with his hands.

"Harry I'm sorry-" I silently say

"No no I'm sorry. You're not over David. I get it. I'm sorry-...I should've just given you more time" he says standing up.

"Harry no-" I say sitting up and grabbing his hand to stop him. "It was just a mistake."

"Spencer, he was going to propose. You two were together for like two years." He shrugs his shoulders "I can't mess with that."

"Harry please." I say.

"Are you over him?" He asks.

"What?" I ask.

"Are you over David? Do you still love him" he asks.

I lick my lips and look down.

He sighs and shakes his head.

"I- I don't know Harry" I say.

"Well from the sound of it, I guess not." He says and takes his hand away from my grasp. "I'm sorry" he says and walks out of the tent.

"Harry no-" I say standing up and following him out.

I grab his arm.

"Spencer stop. You were right about everything. I'm 19. You're 21. You're an adult I'm just a child. It's whatever" he says.

"Harry please let me explain" I say.

"Explain what? That since we might die out here you're just going to 'yolo' it? I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty childish." He says.

"That's not what I'm doing Harry." I say.

"Harry" we hear Sidney say.

We both look down to her.

"Yeah?" He asks.

"W-when can I go home" she asks.

"We already talked about this. In a little while." He says.

"But y-you said we were going to die" she says quietly.

"No no no sweetie, we're not going to die" he says kneeling down.

"Then I want to go home now" she says.

"I know." He says and takes a deep breath "we just can't right now" he says and stands up and begins looking away from the both of us.

He begins walking towards all the trees.

"Harry?!" Sidney yells for him.

"He'll be right back." I say kneeling down.

"Where's he going?" She asks.

"Nowhere, he'll be back." I say standing back up.


Harry's POV:

I just ended up running into the forest. I don't want to be here anymore. I know, we've all been saying that but this time I really mean it. If I have to stay here any longer I will literally kill myself.

I stop myself to catch my breath. My hand rests on the tree next to me. I grab it with both my hands and rest my forehead on it. I feel tears form in my eyes.

I let go of it and take a few steps away from the tree. I turn back towards it and punch the tree. I shout with anger. I can't believe I actually let this happen. I thought I had feelings for her.

I slide down the tree with my back against it. I rest my head on the palm of my hands.

This whole thing is literally driving me mad.

She was about to be engaged. I can't just get in the middle of that. She loves him. Not me. Why would I think anything different? I just pretty much just led myself on.

I can't stand having to lie to a seven year old about how everything will be ok. It won't be.

I- I just want to go home.

I cry into my hands. My right hand feels pain all along it. I stand up and grab the end of my white shirt. I try and wipe my tears with it. I set it down and, with my left hand, I stroke the top of my hair as I look at my right hand.

My knuckles are swollen and a little scraped up. I set both my hands on the tree again for a couple more moments. I step away again. I wipe my face with both my hands.

I breath harder and harder and turn and punch the tree one more time. This time I felt it. I grab my hand and fall to my knees.

The pain made me groan even louder.

I try and stop myself from getting up again and beating the crap out of that tree. I lay down on my back and just try to breathe. My hand begins to just feel numb, and so does my body.

My breathing becomes slower and slower. The feeling of some kind of relief overcomes my body.

I blackout.

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