"No. No. This isn't happening." I cry.


13. awkward

Chapter 13: Harry's POV

Hours later one of the men tell us to look out the window. I turn and see like a lot of people watching our helicopter.

I sit back forward and make eye contact with Spencer and Sidney. We're all smiling.

I see my backpack on the ground. I grab it and put it around my back.

We land. I see and hear people surrounding the helicopter.

"Ready?" I ask Spencer.

She smiles, with tears in her eyes, and nods her head.

I stand up and Spencer picks up Sidney.

We walk over to the door that one of the guys opened. Police keep the people back away from us. I step out and help Spencer out.

"That's my son. That's my son!" I hear my mum say faintly as she pushes a policeman away from her.

She runs to me and wraps her arms around me.

"Mum" I say hugging her back.

I feel tears in my eyes.

"My dear Harry" she says crying.

"Harry" I hear my sister say.

I look up and see my sister Gemma crying.

I wrap my arms around her.

I see my cousin I was staying with when I was in Durham before the flight, walk over.

I give him a hug.

"Welcome back lad" he says.

"Harry, darling, what happened to your hand?" My mum asks wiping tears from her cheeks.

"Oh- uh haha...I was told I broke like three of my knuckles.." I say.

"How?" Gemma asks.

"Oh uh you know doing manly things" I say smiling.

"Like what" my mum asks knowing I'm joking.

"Oh erm....I punched a tree..." They all laugh "twice." I say laughing with them.

I look over to see Spencer crying and hugging her family, with Sidney standing next to her. I watch as a guy goes over to spencer and hug and kiss her. That must be David...

"Who was the girl you came out with?" My cousin asks.

"Oh uh that's Spencer." I say.

"Did you.., you know" Gemma asks me as she smirks.

"Gemma" my mum says.

"No Gem." I say laughing "she has a boyfriend" I say looking back over at her.

"Well she does look very fit." My mum says.

"Yeah" I sigh, looking back.

"Lets go meet her" my cousin says.

"No, it's fine-" I say.

"Yes! Let's go!" My mum says and the three of them begin walking over.

"What? No" I say following.

They all get to where Spencer, Her family, and Sidney are.

"Um, spencer, this is my Mum, sister, and cousin." I say.

They all greet eachother. Spencer introduces me to her family, and David.

David shakes my hand.

"Thanks for looking out for Spencer. Really means a lot, mate" David tells me.

" problem" I say awkwardly.

"Harry" Sidney tugs at my leg.

"Oh yeah, and this is Sidney" I introduce her to my family.

They all say hi.

"Harry" she says again.

"Yeah?" I ask kneeling down.

"Where's my mummy and daddy" she asks.

I lick my lips and look up at Spencer.

"They'll be on the next helicopter" Spencer tells her.

"Alright, well we've got to get you home." My mum tells me.

I stand up.

"I'll talk to the police. Maybe I can take her home" Spencer tells me.

"Alright." I say.

"Well...Harry it was nice meeting you." Spencer's mum tells me.

After Spencer's family says goodbye to me, Spencer and I make eye contact.

"Goodbye Harry" she says.

"Bye Spencer" I say giving her a quick hug, wishing it could've been more.

"Well we have to keep in touch!" Spencer's mum says.

"Yes!" My mum says back and pretty much exchanges numbers with Spencer's mum.

What are we, twelve?

" If any of you are in Holmes Chapel anytime, give us a call" my mum says.

"Actually..." David begins saying "I just bought a little place in Holmes about a week ago" he says.

My eyes widen a bit.

"Oh yeah! We talked about moving there!" Spencer says.

"Oh...uh yeah...right." David says awkwardly.

"Well we better get going. It was nice meeting you all" my mum says.

I kneel down to Sidney and give her a big hug.

"Bye Sid" I say.

"Will I see you again...?" She asks.

"Maybe." I say.

I kiss her forehead and stand back up.

A Policeman escorts us to my mum's car.

We ended up taking my cousin back to his flat, and driving back home to Holmes Chapel.

"So what's new with you Gemma" I ask.

"Well you missed my graduation" she says smiling.

"Oh yeah! I forgot about your college graduation." I say.

"Sweetie, who was the little girl next to Spencer?" My mum asks.

"Oh..that was Sidney. Her parents gave her to Spencer to get out of the plane." I say.

I already told them the story about me making the hole and everything.

"What will they do with her?" My sister asks.

"If she has any aunts or uncles they'll maybe take her, but if not they might just put her in a foster home." my mum says.

"What?" I ask.

"Her parents are gone. She needs somewhere to stay." She says.

"No. Spencer wouldn't let that happen." I say.

"I don't know Harry. How old is Spencer anyways?" My mum asks.

"Twenty one" I say.

"Well, if she doesn't adopt or anything...they'll just go ahead and put her in a foster home." She says.

"Well maybe she does have family that will take her." I say.

"Maybe" my mum sighs.

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