"No. No. This isn't happening." I cry.


6. Age is just a number

Chapter 6: Harry's POV 

Sidney and I walk back to all the stuff. 

"Well, what about the airplane...? What island did my mummy and dad swim to?" She asks me as we finally get back.

"Um-..." I try and say but hear a faint shout. 

I look around.

"Where's Spencer?" I say.

I hear the shout again. I turn towards the huge trees behind us. 

"Alright um Sidney, I want you to wait inside the tent. I'm gonna go find Spencer" I tell Sidney.

She obeys and immediately begins walking towards the tent.

"Wait Harry!" She says.

"Yes?" I ask.

"Are you going to come back" she asks.

I smile.

"Yes. I'll be right back" I say and run for the forest. 

As I'm running deeper into it I shout "Spencer?" Once in a while.

"Harry!" I hear the shout again. 

I continue running more towards the scream. 

There's literally leaves and branches all over. It feels as if I'm not even on the beach anymore. This island is bigger than I thought. 

I run towards a hill. At the bottom I see Spencer. 

"Spencer?" I shout to her. 

"Harry I can't get up" she cries from the bottom.

"Um alright. I'm coming" I say and carefully try making my way down.

I tripped a couple times, but caught my balance. I get down to her and remove some leaves from her.

"What happened?" I ask kneeling down.

"I don't know- I was just walking around and I just slipped and fell down this bloody hill" she says. "My leg hurts too much to move" she says as she slightly touches her right leg. 

I step over to her right side and kneel beside her leg. She's wearing jeans, but I see blood seeping through from her ankle to her knee. My eyes widen.

I quickly grab the bottom right leg side of her jeans. I rip it all the way to her knee. 

"I can't really tell how big your cut is, but I'm pretty sure we should at least clean it" I tell her.

She nods her head. 

I pick her up bridal style and look around for a new way to go instead of up the hill. 

"Maybe we could go around" spencer suggests as she puts both hands on my shoulder. 

"We'll try that I guess" I say and begin walking.

"So where are you from" I ask.

"Durham" she says. "What about you?" She asks.

"Holmes chapel." I respond. 

"Why were you at the Durham airport?" she asks me.

"Oh um, my cousin lives in Durham, and I stopped by his house for about a day and then just went to that airport." I tell her.

"Where were you going" she asks.

"California" I say.

"Me too!" She says smiling.

"Really?" I say.

"Yeah! I was going to visit my aunt" she says. "What were you going for"

"I was just going to see if there were any houses to buy over there." I say. 

"Fun" she says.

A couple moments pass by as I keep walking.

"Spencer" I say.

"Yeah" she says.

"How old are you?" I ask.

She smiles.

"Twenty" she says.

"Really?" I ask in surprise.

"Why so shocked?" She laughs.

"It's just- you're like really small" I laugh.

"Well thanks" she says with a smirk. "How old might you be?" She asks.

"I'm not saying" I say smiling and look away.

"Tell meeeee" she says

"Nope" I say giggling.

"Harry pretty please" she begs.

"Fine." I say "19" 

"Aww you're a youngster!" She says laughing and grabs my cheek.

Nice job. She probably thinks I'm immature and too young for her or something. Crap.

"Hey I'm only a year younger" I say.

"Oh whatever" she says giggling.

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