The Doctor's Hourglass Part 2

Clara is forced to revisit her past when she's captured by the Silence. The Doctor gets caught as well. Vastra, Jenny and Strax seem to have disappeared. What hope is there left? Ah well, The Doctor always finds a way.


2. The Doctor's Hourglass 2



(Clara is sitting in a chair in this spacious room back on the Dalek Asylum. She glances around and stares down at her bonds)

CLARA: What happened? What are you doing?!

(The Silence stand stock still by the door)

THE SILENCE: We want the you to destroy the Doctor.

CLARA: I'm not that stupid.

THE SILENCE: You will kill the Doctor.

CLARA: No, I won't. And where am I?

(The Silence stare blankly at her)

CLARA: I said: where am I?

THE SILENCE: You are Clara Oswin here. You do not identify with the Doctor. You will destroy the Doctor now.

(Clara struggles off the seat and stands up but when she looks up the Silence are gone. She searches around for some sort of defence but when she turns back to the chair the Silence have appeared again)

THE SILENCE: You will kill the Doctor.

CLARA: For the third time. I WON'T KILL THE... I forgot what I was going to say.

(The Silence disappear. Then they reappear behind Clara)

THE SILENCE: You will kill the Doctor.

CLARA: Where am I? What am I doing here?

THE SILENCE: You are Clara Oswin. The Doctor does not know who you are yet. You are a Dalek.

CLARA: No. I'm human. I'm Clara Oswald. I make Soufflés.

(The Silence disappear. Clara slumps back down onto the chair)

(The Doctor bursts into the room. Clara jumps to her feet)

CLARA: Doctor?

THE DOCTOR: Who're you? Where's Oswin?

CLARA: It's me. I'm human. I'm Clara. I make Soufflés.

THE DOCTOR: Soufflés?

CLARA: I have to kill you.

THE DOCTOR: Oswin, listen to me. You're in the Dalek Asylum.

CLARA: I have to kill you.

(Camera switches to the Doctor's point of view. Clara is a Dalek in a white-washed room. The Doctor takes a step back)

CLARA: They've asked the question and they can't let you answer it.

(The Dalek raises its eye-stalk to focus on the Doctor, aims its arm and fires)

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