Never Forget

Livy Williams had to go to a summer camp for the whole summer so her parents could leave for a romantic cruise. She soon falls in love with a guy. But... she has a boyfriend and doesn't know what to do. Will she stay with her boyfriend Jaden or leave him for this new guy?
*Louis Tomlinson Fanfic*
*In this Louis is 18!!!*


1. Leaving

Livy's P.O.V.

I looked around my room. I had all I needed packed. I was going to be gone all summer to some stupid summer camp. So my parents could go to some romantic cruise all summer. I'm old enough to be alone. But, apparently my parents don't trust me. Ugh. Anyways, let me introduce myself. The names Olivia. But, please don't call me that. Everyone calls me Livy. "Come on! Livy hurry!" yelled my mum. "Coming! Hey can someone help me carry my stuff?" I asked. My brother, Jessie, and my dad came upstairs. They grabbed 2 suitcases each. "Can I help?" asked a familiar voice. I knew who it was instantly. "Jaden!" I screamed. I ran up to him and hugged him. He had left a week ago. (The last day of school) He has been my boyfriend since 8th grade. He is amazing. He has blonde hair and bright blue eyes. His skin is tan. Oh. You still need to get to know me more... I have brown hair and brown eyes. I have a slight tan. I love to write, draw, dance, and sing. "I'm coming to summer camp with you!" Jaden happily said. "You are!!! That's amazing!" I screeched. "Yeah. But, only for a few days. My parents and I are going to Florida." He said. "Oh..." I said. I was a little upset. But, at least I would have him there while I get use to the place. "C'mon, Livy we have to go!" Yelled my mum. "I guess we should go." I sighed. "I guess we sh-" he got cut off by his phone ringing. "Hello-What?-No-You can't!-Just one day-she needs me there-but-mum please-Just one day-please-Fine!" With that he hung-up. "I have bad news." Jaden said. "What?" I asked afraid. "I can't come." He said sadly. "Oh...." I said. "I'm sorry babe." Jaden said. "Livy!" My mum yelled. "I guess I'll see you in August." I sighed. "Yeah..." He said. Also, by the way I'm 17. I had just finished junior year of high school. The camp was for ages    15-19. My brother Jessie was 16. We walked downstairs. Jaden carried my final suitcase down (I had 5) I know it's a lot. But, I'm going to be gone all freaking summer alright. While I carried my phone and purse. He put my suitcase in the trunk of the van and we kissed. I then went in the van while he walked to his house. A single tear slid down my face. I was going to miss him. Well here I go.

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