Never Forget

Livy Williams had to go to a summer camp for the whole summer so her parents could leave for a romantic cruise. She soon falls in love with a guy. But... she has a boyfriend and doesn't know what to do. Will she stay with her boyfriend Jaden or leave him for this new guy?
*Louis Tomlinson Fanfic*
*In this Louis is 18!!!*


3. Author'sA Note -VERY IMPORTANT-

-Author's Note - IMPORTANT!-

First off, I wanna say, SORRY! I haven't updated in ever! So, that's why I decided... To have a co-worker! If you you are interested... Then... I need you to write a short something in the comments... And, I have 1 requirement... I need you to, commit to this movella, and write on it often... Not, like you have to every day, but, just often... So, if you are... I will see how you write if you are interested! Thank you! I will still write in it to! But, I just need a co-worker! Thank you! Love you!





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