The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


2. tWo

Chapter Two: tWo 



"No yes I do. Please take me to meet him and your mother after school? You only live a crossed the street." I gave him my puppy dog eyes and kissed him too for good measure

"Fine. Meet me at my car after school like always." I held his hand until he was too far away for me to hold onto it without stretching, I spotted a dark figure in the next alcove down from mine watching our exchange. Something about it sent tingles to my hidden wings, they itched not a good sign that meant trouble. I was being spied on.





I watched from the shadows the exchange between my half brother and the girl I was sworn to protect, it seems my plans to break them up have been foiled, Dimitri is going to kill me, and so is Arvial. I hated that I had to pretend to be evil for my brother only my mother knew my true identity and true purpose. Not even the crack head I was supposedly married too knew or my son Jake who I felt very guilty for giving that wife of mine full rein on. I seriously had to get rid of the alcohol.


Well than I have my boyfriend back. Now I wish my dad wasn't dead. Now after school I’m in Danny’s car and I’m waiting for him to start the engine. He just sits there. I think he doesn't want me to meet his Vampire family especially his brother. I huffed and looked at him and said
“How are we supposed to get there if you don’t start the car Danny?”  As if out of a trance he looked at me and then at the keys.

“Oh yeah sorry Cass.” He put the key in the ignition and we were off. It was silent until we got to Hackamore  Street when he started warning me about what not to say basically he was giving the do’s and don’t s of meeting the parents. In this case Vampents. No wonder he was worried vampires and fairies normally stay out of each other’s way Danny and I were an abnormal couple you could say. When we got to 67890 Hackamore Street he turned into the drive way and turned off the car. But he made no move to get out of the car. He just sat there staring at the steering wheel then he glanced at me.  

Danny shifted uncomfortably in the car outside his house. I've never been here. It was a nice house, three stories, a lot of windows, and a white picket fence. It even had a mail box that said ‘PHELPS’ on the side in white. The door had an artificial wreath for every season and there were no clues that a family of vampires lived there. I didn't know what Danny was so worried about. I wondered what his vampire family does for fun. I’m the only fairy in my family I was chosen by my great grandmother that whenever I was born I would become a fairy high queen when I turned 18. I have other intentions; I’m going to be the best Halfa high queen the world has ever known. Actually I take that back my grandmother was a Halfa high queen, and she kicked ass, quite literally too.
 “Danny c’mon I want to meet your family.”


"Okay. I love you, oh and if Niko opens the door he looks exactly like me, well I think he can change his appearance.”


Now I was scared, what if Danny left the room and Niko walked in what he would do I knew nothing about him except he killed my father and I called him a jerk. I’m in shit’s creek. My wings tingled under my skin of my back they do that when I’m scared so I’m ready to retreat. 


“Let’s go meet the vamp-in-laws” I said with a devilish grin. He sighed and shook his head but got out of the car. I followed him like a duckling after its mama. I would never understand what Danny was so worried about on this day for the rest of my existence.

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