The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


20. Twenty





“Oh that’s right! Well Arvial’s going to get her destructo powers back for certain periods of time.”

“Oh well it doesn't concern me to much I guess.” she walked away I don’t think her and Arvial are the best of friends. I continued on my way and I ran into Niko, did everyone have to choose this floor? I put on my best 'Hi I really don't want to talk to you, but it looks like you want to talk so, let's talk.' smile

“Hey Diks what’s up?”

“Nothing really it sucks being confined here though I miss my mother.”

“Oh that’s sweet.” I waited for his answer, glancing down the hall.

“Yeah where are you heading?” Yes he got my queue. 

“My room, but it seems I’m bumping into everyone today.” I said trying to stay as polite as possible without sounding like a preppy snob.

“Oh well good bye, being a Halfa now means I need regular food.” the way he said regular food made me want to laugh, but I also knew it had been centuries since Niko had to eat a scrambled egg. I suppressed a laugh and said instead of bursting out in laughter,

“Sorry dude!” I ran off towards my room, to blissful quiet. I heard behind me Niko saying  I turned for half a second,

“Its okay, bye!” I watched him jog down the hallway and I ran to my room before I could bump into anyone else. I entered my room and found Danny starring out the window at the forest and meadow. He looked awfully worried about something or other, and so I crept as quietly as I could, I didn't want to talk I just wanted sleep. But of course I myself I had gotten worried about him, Danny was starring out the window at the meadow and Unicorn Forest, he never just stops his human motions, he liked feeling human, something was wrong.

“Danny, Arvial agreed and what’s the matter?”  I said gently I didn't want to startle him too much. It took him a while before answering, it was like he was un melting, or cracking out of a  statue.

“Hmm? Oh that’s great, I was thinking about what would the dimension be like if Evil won? Earth? I didn’t like what my inner self told me.”

 “Really my king what did it tell you exactly?” I said sliding my arms through his arms around his waist. He held my hands to his mouth and kissed and said to me “It said that if 
Darkness won we would all be forced into slavery and the governments will be corrupt and unjust, women and children will be tortured and kidnapped at prices so high it would put 
Bill Gates to shame.” 

“Sounds horrible! Isn't Bill Gates the richest man in the world? I mean he’s Windows and Microsoft!” 

“Yes but that doesn't mean anything,” 

“Right so what’s going to happen if light wins?” 

“Cassie everything will stay the same! Everyone will be happy and enjoy the rest of their mortal and immortal lives!”  I have never seen or heard him so happy about something like this, we had to win.

“Cool I’m so on Light side! Even though I kind of have to be.” I put my head on his shoulder blade and sighed and inhaled his scent, it always calmed me down when I was stressed. He turned around and held me his arms and whispered in my ear 

“Don’t worry love, I love you and Arvial will take care of it I promise!” 

I smiled and hugged him until I heard Shiva wake up and begin to cry. I went to her with Danny in tow,

 “Hello my baby girl! Did you like your nap?” I cooed to Shiva. She looked up at me with love and opened her arms for me to pick her up. I looked at Danny as I did and we decided to head downstairs for dinner, Niko was cooking again he hardly let the trolls do their work anymore. I had to talk to him about that, that and I miss the trolls cooking. Believe it or not their really good cooks. I was instantly bombarded by my grandmother about my decision about giving Arvial her powers back (she still didn't know that my father cheated on Violet and Arvial is my actual mother) I simply smiled and walked on. I thought to myself it’s not my secret to tell her, it’s between Violet, my father, Arvial, and of course the witch herself. Don’t get me wrong I love my grandmother but she can be a bitch sometimes. In the kitchen it wasn't Niko cooking it was. It was Yolanda, I instantly thought, how the hell did she get in my house? I don’t even like this girl! She tries to steal my husband from me every chance she gets. 

“Danny how the hell did that get in here?" I said pointing at her. He shrugs and talks to a passing by troll who mans the gate and portcullis. “Itse voe na youes?” He said pointing Yolanda for my sake. He later told me it meant exactly what I asked him. The troll answered him " Ni codea yu ta hurl." which meant “I didn’t let that girl in if that’s what your asking sir.” I rolled my eyes went to her and before I do Niko shows up, grabs her and throws her out the window, which was open. It clicked she slipped through the window while Niko went to get ingredients for whatever he was making, so it looked like she was cooking. I was fuming I told Niko that I want her in jail for breaking and entering. He agreed and called the Hellhounds, each paired with a giant troll I said the only word I knew in troll that translated into Hellhound go 

“Voen! Voen! Voen! Uty goe nitch” Which basically meant ‘go go go get that bitch!

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