The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


22. Twenty Two

Twenty Two




“Mother or should I say grandmother, I’m already Shiva I've been circling Cassie for a while. I can finally be with you again. I have an adoring father not one that would kill me I can enjoy life, my short one will never compete. I’m a princess my mother is a High Queen and my father a High King. I love it here I hated the mountains in Greece. Mother I love you.” 

“No! You’re supposed to be mine! MINE! You’re supposed to be MY daughter not my DAUGHTER’S daughter!”

 “You had your chance mother dear!” with that she disappeared

I was dreaming I had to be dreaming, I was in my castle in Greece. Drako wasn't beside me; the only night he wasn't beside me was Jonara’s death. O god I thought maybe I can fix this instead of just sitting there waiting for him to come back. I jumped out of bed and ran to my daughter’s room. Jonara was asleep and Drako was standing over her. I had to stop him I screamed 

“DRAKO PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM JONARA!” He looked at me, really looked at me this wasn't a dream Jonara was giving me a chance to save her. 

“Arvialshivalistatina what are you talking about?” 

“Your going to loose your temper and kill her please come with me and don’t ask questions.” 

“Alright dear I’ll go back to bed, Say goodnight to her then I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom.” 

“OK, I love you Drako and always will. - I walked into the room and continued 

“Goodnight my daughter I love you.” When I was leaving I heard something at the window I went and saw a black figure and threw a ball of light at it and saved my daughter I slept in her room until I woke up next to Niko. Drako was dead no matter what I changed in the past I heard Cassie and Jonara fighting. Jonara! It worked it actually worked! And Cassie still had Shiva and I had both my daughters. I got up and shook Niko awake, 

“You have to make breakfast silly and check the search and kill team to see if they got that Yolanda.”

 “I’m going.” I could see he knew about Drako the Prince of Darkness because I was sleep talking again this time I said ‘Drako I will always love you’ I felt so embarrassed to man. 

“Niko I was young then and well he killed Jonara and then last night I saved her so now she’s alive! I killed Drako yesterday. I vowed that I would kill him on her death anniversary and that was yesterday I love you Niko Phelps your mine and no one else’s.” 

“Good because I love you too and just so you know I am Drako reincarnated so technically yesterday you killed my look alike so unless you want to kill me next year I would forgive me.” 

“I-I could never kill you my Prince.” I kissed and went to see what Jonara and Cassie were fighting over. 

“Mom can you please tell Cassandra to stop making googly eyes at Danny all day its sickening their married!”

 “We’re in love and that’s what you do when you’re in love!” 

“Girls please, Jonara they may be married but they are only 17 they’re still young lovers, so please relax your over 1,765 years old dear you’re over making googly eyes at Vriko but he isn't.” Vriko is Jonara’s husband; they were married two days after I saved her life. I never asked how Vriko got his scar over his right eye but I couldn't care less their marriage was arranged and Cassie’s wasn't she chose her king. Jonara’s just upset because technically she’s queen of Greece’s Faery and I won’t let her go back “Jonara you can go back to Greece if you wish, I know your miserable here.” I fought back the tears that fought to escape and cascade down my face. 

“Mother I couldn't ever leave you, unless you wanted me to, truly wanted me to.” 

“I truly want you happy choose which location makes you truly happy and go or stay. It’s your choice I guess." I walked away allowing the sisters to talk and Jonara to choose where she would go. Vriko was talking to Niko in the kitchen, Dimitri, Violet, and Danny were also there, and Shiva was on Danny’s lap looking longingly at her sippy cup in his hand to far from her little arms to grab away from him. 

“Nana’s got it sweetheart,” I grabbed the sippy cup and gave it to her. Danny was to busy talking to notice finally Niko did and grabbed the sippy cup away before she could take a sip of it.

“Daniel pay attention to your child you know this sippy cup has bleach in it I’m washing it your lucky I was paying attention.” 

“What? Oh Shiva! How did you get the sippy cup?” she pointed at my vacated seat, I had a fight to finish I never got the unicorn last night I armored up and went to the meadow there he was my unicorn his horn was bloody he slayed the white unicorn. Good for him. 

My mother gave the option I thought she would never give me, to go back to Greece. I remember that I’m supposed to be dead but last night my mother saved me. I can’t leave her. I’m staying I’ll be the princess but maybe I’ll build another castle its getting cramped in here. I have to tell mother or father, Niko. I went searching for Niko he couldn't be far. He’s probably cooking or checking up on that search group for that trespasser Yolanda. Like I predicted Niko was in the kitchen talking to trolls in trollish. I guessed about Yolanda. He saw me and dismissed the trolls. 

“Jonara how is my oldest daughter?” It was still odd seeing my father in this form. 

“I’m not leaving, mother gave me the option of going back to Greece but I’m not going instead I’m going to build another castle here in this fairy.” He pondered the notion and finally said

 “Since your sister is the queen you have to check with her I’m sorry Jonara.” 

“I know, I love my sister deeply. I’m sure she’ll let me.” I left Niko in the kitchen and went to find Cassie. I found on the stairs coming to the kitchen. 

“Cassie I have to ask you something.” 

“Is it life changing? Cause I have important matters to discuss with the council.” 

“Well not exactly but it’ll only take a second. Vriko and I want to build another castle in this Faery.” 

“Fine my faery is very large. Choose what you want it stretches from North America to Central Russia.” 

“Oh well Thank you sister.” 

“Yep whatever good bye.” I watched her rush out the castle to the council meeting. I wondered what was so important. I didn’t want to get in the middle of it. So I went to find Vriko my only love. I found him in the vast library looking at castle blue prints. He could read my mind I guess. 

“Hello my love. Cassie said we could choose from a number of locations!" I gave him a map of her territory.

“Hmm, China looks good the Fae there a scarce they all live here in the capital city. I’ll go there tomorrow and pick a good location.” 

“Okay my love. Vriko I love you.”

 “Oh my darling I love you too.” I giggled and left the library bumping into King Daniel. 

“Hullo my king”

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