The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


23. Twenty Three

Twenty Three






“Why must you be so formal? Jonara really just call me Danny like everyone else.” I smiled and turned towards the stairs that would take me to the tower room or my mothers armor room I felt safer there. I kept many of my favorite books there. Sometimes I’d try on her armor but I knew I didn’t possess any of her many powerful powers Cassie inherited them but in everyday she’s a Halfa. She’s a mutt. Cassie is spawn of evil, a werewolf, fairy, and vampire. She’s every small child’s nightmare in one. 

She’s a killing machine when she would ever want to be. If only mother would tell her what powers she possessed. But I also knew Cassie had to discover them herself. I wished somehow I could make her realize all the power that she kept inside of her. I wanted to have that power, I wanted to fight along side of my mother and I wanted Evil to lose for good. I didn’t want to be a princess I wanted to be queen of Faery! I walked over to the window and saw the meadow my mother was fighting on, she was winning I knew that. But something was wrong with Glanston her unicorn. He was changing colors. I remembered a story my mother told me years ago. When a unicorn kills another of its kind,  Already forbidden, 

The Unicorn will change into the dead unicorn.

Oh no Glanston! He’s changing into Alamstan! Oh god what do I do? There is no cure mother will have to kill him! Glanston was and is my only true friend and now he is dying! Why did he kill that cursed unicorn? I jumped out the window and spread my wings and flew to them only to be side swiped by a flying monkey yep a flying monkey, evil little bugger to. I quickly drew the dagger my mother gave me years ago ‘for protection’ she said. I stabbed the monkey and continued on my way only to fly into a whole swarm of them! Great just f——ing great I grabbed my dagger and whispered a boomerang spell onto it and threw it at the first monkey thing. BULLS EYE! It came back but not without hitting two more monkeys. I smiled and threw it again and being that there was only about twenty I killed them all in about two minutes. I continued my flight to Glanston I needed to help him somehow. 

The rest of my flight was uneventful. When I finally got there I couldn't believe it, Glanston was shifting back to his original color and his old self. 

“Hello Jon, He was evil very evil so, I got off the hook.” I smiled and hugged him my mother was in hand to hand combat with a giraffe headed thing. I smiled a blew a bomb spell at the beast and he blew up. I may not have the powers of a warrior princess or queen but I was an excellent witch fairy.
“Jonara! Thank you but what in the world are you doing here?”

“I saw that Glanston was in trouble and I came to help him that’s all but then I flew into a swarm of flying monkeys and well you know the rest.”

When mother came in with Jonara I noticed that Jonara had gotten bit by something but I wasn't sure what. When she got closer it was a monkey fang. I screamed inside, flying monkey bites are fatal to fairies!

“Oh my god Jonara!”

“What Cassie what is it?”

“Were you bit by a flying monkey?”

“Yes, why?” both me and mother took a deep breath.

“Jonara, sister their bites are fatal to fairies! There’s only one antidote. Vampire blood 
mixed with unicorn horn.”

“Oh no. Wait Glanston killed a unicorn today we could use that.” She hurried out, her light fading and when she tried to fly she dropped right back down to the ground

“Danny has enough vampire left in him I’m sure.” with saying this I ran to find Danny, of course he was painting,

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