The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


21. Twenty One

Twenty One




They were off like the speed of light I was pleased so I went to walk through the Unicorn Forest with Danny

I trusted that my daughter would keep me safe through the injection process. It was scary though knowing I would be getting my most dangerous weapon back. Danny and Cassie both said there would be almost no pain. Key word almost. But the world needed me and I needed the world. I had to let the warrior in me raise her head and fight the demons that threatened mankind and the fae. I totally understood why darkness wanted to win; it was tired of being taking for granted, and tired of little wimps calling on its forces then just not paying back what they promised it happens all the time stupid mortals. OK so my love of my life Niko aka Utashiv is going along with the plan and well he wants to fight with me. But he is so not strong no matter what he thinks. Cassie has powers she could only imagine if she was dreaming in some other person’s body like Leonardo Da Vinci. She can teleport through dimensions, kill something with a scream, send shock waves knocking enemies centuries. Cause madness and well you get it she has immense powers.

Except I don’t know how to tell her. Sure I’m her mother but I haven’t been her mother. She’s grown in such horrible conditions I’m surprised she hasn't discovered her powers. I feel so guilty. I can’t even imagine what she went through in that crack house. Having Niko raise you, and a crack head of a ‘mother’ an alcoholic ‘brother’ whose thirteen and above all not being accepted by her grandmother, it’s really horrible and being a 17 old High Queen of the Fairy Council and being a Halfa. I hear my Cassie and Niko call for me….its time. I look at my armor and sigh, here I go. 

The injection Cassie explained would go through my bellybutton and then transfer to different parts of my body until it reached my power core. Or my heart and soul. I sat in the chair she described and waited. 

I waited in the chair for almost two hours before Niko and Cassie came back. The needle had to be at least 12 inches long and sharp very sharp. Niko help my hand and rolled up my shirt. Cassie being as gentle as possible for a minute maneuvered the needle into my belly and then pushed really hard and I cried me the Fairy of Death and Destruction Arvial Yoko Assassin of the 7 generation crying! I didn’t even cry when my wings were torn out of my back and my immortality stripped from my soul. And that f***ing hurt! I cried until she said it had been over for at least a half hour. All she frigging said was “its time” I know its friggin time and I just wanna sit her and wallow, but no I got to fight this fight with good and then I can go this damn thing again so I don’t hurt anyone… wait I was crying with the power inside me

“Cassie nothing happened! I didn’t hurt anyone!”

“No you didn’t silly. You don’t have to go through this again.”
I was never happier then that moment. I went back to my armory and got my armor on, time to kick some Demon butt!

I walked down the stairs with my spear in hand and stepped into the sunshine. I telaported myself to the meadow and I talked to General Light; he’s a beautiful black unicorn. Everything is reverse here, black is good and white is bad. I was a little nervous to be on his back again because I've been away for so long and he probably thought I switched sides but I didn’t I was a mortal because I was afraid of learning to control my deadliest weapon I was a coward I couldn't even take care of my baby. Now my baby is a high queen and is in charge of my power. Unlike me she’s brave, she’s not afraid of war. She wants to protect her people and if that means killing her mother, she does care but her people come first. 

My   Cassie is a true queen. Cassandra wasn't supposed to be my baby’s name it was supposed to be Latitiana Alexandrana Jones. I like that better then Queen Cassandra Alexandra Jones. Now I’m babbling. Like I said before time to kick Darkness’ butt! The battle didn’t start until sundown that’s when the Prince of Darkness is at his strongest. But I’m stronger being a spawn of Darkness and all, and the oldest here almost. The Prince is only a century old and I’m two millennia. I heard his battle cry and I my own. The battle has commenced. Blood was everywhere so was fire but Light was gaining back control of the meadow with me on their side, the Prince will soon perish. Without the Prince Darkness loses its power and will to fight. Now that I can control my powers I aimed them at Prince Drako he lost his balance on Alamstan his unicorn. Glanston my unicorn roared with victory, we weren't finished yet. I am the Princess of Light I will kill my enemy. No matter what Glanston says I’m in charge I’m the royalty I’m the warrior I’m the strongest! I called on the worst possible thing that darkness feared, light, and well fire is natural and well it does symbolize light. The prince didn’t see it coming he burst into flames his perfect face melting and pulling away from his perfect bone structure. I used to love him I did; he was my husband long ago. But he killed my first child my Jonara my first daughter he killed her, I despised him ever since so instead of crying….I laughed I simply laughed bells of laughter erupted from my side of the meadow as the Prince of Darkness my Drako died and turned to dust. 

My Shadoe was dead. I loved him still but my love for Niko was stronger. My love for my daughters was stronger. I loved my son-in-law, I loved Dimitri, Lillian, and even Violet the difference between light and Darkness is….Light can love and feel all emotions, Darkness can only feel hatred and lust. Power wasn't an emotion. I could never Drako again I loved him once and I died because of it inside I was just a washed up soul with no purpose. So I swore at Jonara’s funeral I would kill him on her 2,000th death anniversary and I did. I walked off the battle proud of myself. While I walking Jonara’s spirit was with me saying she loved me and wanted to come home to me. She wanted to meet Cassie and Danny. I knew I could bring her back. I had to give birth yet again and Niko could now father a child I know what I must do. I love Cassie but she is not enough I need Jonara. But Jonara wanted to be inside Cassie’s child Shiva Landra Phelps what a fairy name. So many dras. I told her that she couldn't but then she told me what she did.

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