The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


24. Twenty Four

Twenty Four






“Danny darling I need your blood for an antidote for Jonara she was bitten by a flying monkey!”

“Oh yes of course, here.” he bit into his arm and grabbed a vial and squeezed all the blood he wanted Jonara to have into it before sealing it. I kissed him goodbye and ran back to Jonara who had the horn. I started to grind the horn into a powder to mix with the blood. Jonara was starting to catch a fever and was losing her light that came naturally to fairies and pixies and of course angels. I had to hurry.

My mother and I came into the kitchen to find Cassie just entering, she was staring at me funny and I was feeling weak and dizzy. I noticed my light was flickering on the walk to the palace. I heard Cassie speaking to me.

“Oh my god Jonara!” she said

“What is it Cassie?”

“Were you bit by a flying monkey?”

“Yes, why?” mother and Cassie both gasped.

“Jonara, sister a flying monkey bite is fatal to a fairy. The only antidote is vampire blood mixed with a unicorn horn.”

“Oh no. Wait Glanston killed a unicorn today we can use that.” I hurried out trying to fly but only succeeding in a foot off the ground.

“I’m sure Danny has enough vampire in him.” I heard her tell mother with saying that she ran off I sensed that she was very worried about me. Whilst I went to the battle grounds to break off the horn of the fallen white evil unicorn. I hurried back getting weaker and weaker, I had the chills now and my light was flickering more rapidly.

I waited in the kitchen for Cassie I felt very dizzy as I watched her mix the antidote I felt like dying…again. I could tell she saw I was getting sicker and sicker. She had to hurry, mother couldn’t lose me again.

I had to hurry. She was fading like a stain on a white t-shirt with bleach. Her light flickering like lights in a prison with a faulty generator. Finally the antidote was finished and I put it in a bottle for her to drink and got Vriko to carry her to their bedroom. He was very upset. His true love was dying. My sister was dying. Our mother came rushing in with Niko at her side. Grief stricken she grabbed Jonara’s hand and whispered ancient Greek to her. 

“Jonara αγαπητέ μου είστε ισχυρές μπορείτε να το κάνετε. Σας παρακαλούμε να μην μας αφήνουν, Σας χρειάζομαι, Vriko σας ανάγκες, και Cassie ανάγκη για σας. Παρακαλούμε να τραβήξει μέσω εσάς τρελό κορίτσι”
Jonara smiled and I was so alone then I didn’t know ancient Greek but Vriko did so I asked him what they were saying.

“Arvial said to her daughter Jonara my dear you are strong you can make it. Please don't leave us, I need you, Vriko needs you, and Cassie need's you. Please pull through you crazy girl. “ 

“Oh.” we stood there waiting for a recovery finally I said 

“Um the medicine doesn’t take affect for a couple hours. It stops her from getting worse but to fight the poison it takes a couple hours so let’s leave the couple alone and go about ore daily routine.” Everyone listened to the queen. Even my mother.

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