The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


25. Twenty Five

Twenty Five





I was worried about Jonara and my mother. She lost Jon once and I don’t think she could do it again. I don’t think I could do it once with Shiva. I mean she was so upset she killed her husband who is now in Niko’s body Vriko.

I left the room silently I knew Jonara would be fine, but my mother wouldn't take my word for it. She will not leave Jo's side. Maybe Jo will die, but she died once she can die again. I walked through out the castle wondering what it would be like to have another child roaming the halls hand in hand with Shiva, Princess Shiva. I smiled and walked into my room, where Danny stood at the window continuing his painting he had started before the chaos erupted. He looked pale from the blood loss, and I was terribly sorry, but if it worked if Jonara survived then it would be worth it, I went my whole life without a sister, I had somewhat of a brother but he didn't count, he hardly talked to me and when he did it was a question of where the booze was. So many times I wanted to rid myself of my Earth family but I knew if I did, they would die shortly after me leaving them behind.

Now I have a new family and I wasn't sure why I felt the need to protect the one's on earth who had abused me and ignored me until I cried myself to sleep each night. If it wasn't for Niko, I would have killed myself years ago, but then Danny came into my life and I had these two guys who would die to protect me, Niko was like a father to me and Danny is my love, my soul mate. 

"Danny may I ask what you're doing?"

"Painting, I'm painting the forest and the blackened remains of Arvial's meadow."

"The sight of the Last Battle then,"

"Yes if that's what you decided to call it." Danny said sleepily.

"You need rest, I promise nightmares will not bother you tonight."

"How did you know of the nightmares?"

"You cry in your sleep my darling, now rest."

"Good night my love. Shiva is asleep in her room. Join me as we go off into a slumber,"


I was in the shadows, conjuring a sleeping spell. I wanted to put the royal's and those who lived with them under a spell that would last two years and age Cassie until she was twenty years old. Old in Fairy years, and pregnant with another child. A child that would reek destruction on the Royal family, this child would be her servant, and would carry out her worst deeds. She wanted the Queen dead, and Danny for herself. The child would help her do so.

Yolanda cast the spell and watched and listened as each person fell into the deepest sleeps. She laughed to herself and continued to run away from the Hellhounds that Cassie had sent after her, she switched into her squirrel form and climbed up a tree to hide for the next two years. 

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