The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


12. tWeLvE







“Cassie we have homework!”


“ Grr! I wish we could just lay here and have school behind us!”


“We could drop out,”


“Good idea and you could start painting again! and I could start designing the new room for the,”


“For what my queen?”


“For the baby!”


“What! Really?!”


“Yeah Fairies can tell it happened last week.”


“Oh my god I'm going to be a dad but I thought...”


“Well your fairy genes must have allowed you to you to pass on your manly ways.”


“When are fairies usually due?”


“In two or three months.”


“Like dogs?”


“Um well yes.”


“AND your part werewolf.”


“Thanks for reminding me dear I have to tell gran!” She shot up from the bed and threw a robe on and flew down the stairs to her grandmother’s study I followed with a change of clothes for her and I was already dressed. 


“Cassie in case she has company,” I handed her the dress and guarded her to let her change into her dress. 


“Thank you Danny.” as she handed the robe to an ongoing servant “Take this to my quarters please.” We walked to the study we heard voices inside 


“Now Dimitri you know you can’t Lillian she thinks your dead!”


“So did Cassandra until she saw me two weeks ago! She fainted at the sight of me I don’t want that for Lillian please mother, ‘’


“Niko and Arvial are there right now.”

“What? Niko is in my house? Arvial is alive?” I heard Cassie chuckle.


“What’s so funny?” I whispered


“Nothing just that my father knows that Niko is in his house. He’s just upset about it because they had a spat a little while back.” She whispered back she went back to listening and looking through the crack.


“I thought she killed herself?”


“No she went mortal.”


“I have to see Violet and Lillian and Jane!”


“Who’s Jane?"


“Jane is the nanny she’s like a sister to me!”


“Fine you can go but you must take Cassie and Daniel with you.”


“Alright it’s only fair.”


(Casandra's Point of View)


We walked in and saw the surprise on their faces.
“ Cassandra, Daniel! I suppose you heard everything.”


“Yes, Gran I, we have something to tell you, there's going to be an heir to the throne.”


“You’re pregnant! How duh When!”


“Last Week Grams.” I spoke finally. 


‘’O my god I’ll me a grandpa!" Dimitri said. 


“Daddy are you alright?”




I took Danny and Cassie in my carriage to Ugata it was pulled by a Pegasus named Zeus. I haven’t been to earth in 16 years. After Cassandra was born and Violet conceived Lillian my mother took me to Faery she said it was safer. I asked her what was more safe than having a family who loved me and didn't care what I was after all my oldest daughter was married to a vampire and pregnant with his child. Cassie as she liked to be called was so beautiful she looked like her mother. Niko did a swell job raising her for me. He was so great with the children in the Ugata village back than when we only cared if the secret got out. Niko was also pretty stupid at times. He was jealous that Arvial was giving me attention but she always loved him more it didn't bother me anymore since I have Violet she knew where I was and wasn't worried I even told her to tell Lilly Pad that I was dead so she wouldn't wait for me to come home. I knew she did anyway at night she would sit at her window and look into the heavens and try to find my star. I didn't have one because I wasn't dead yet but since I’m immortal I’ll never get one.


We rode in silence Zeus changed into a mini van and we pulled into my mansion. Cassie looked up in awe she grew up in a crack house I remembered my sister and brother-in-law didn't do well in my book so I had my dear brother in law killed and told Niko to stand in I should have had Violet’s sister killed and Arvi stand in her place. Violet waited on the porch and I smiled she was beautiful her purple eyes glowed knowing it was me and Cassie. She ran from the porch to the ‘van’ I stepped out and kissed her and threw around in the air in a circle. I was happy again. Cassie was the next to get out and she instantly knew she was looking at her actual mother, but I knew the truth. Her actual mother was having coffee with Cassie’s brother in law Niko. Their exchange was heart warming and brought tears to my eyes only because it was lie, again my life is built upon lies. Danny looked uncomfortable I would be too if he had to tell his ‘mother-in-law’ that her 16 year old fairy queen daughter was pregnant with a vampire fairy baby. 


What! Cassandra your pregnant and you're -you're a Halfa! Oh my goodness it’s a miracle I didn't know if I was ever going to be a grandmother but really I don’t mind if you’re a Halfa I’m just glad you’re alive. Stupid crack heads!”


“Is Niko and Arvi inside?” I asked, I knew Violet wasn't my mother but I had to put on a show, because she sure seemed to believe I was her daughter.


“Yes their eating breakfast and Lillian is coloring.”


“Wonderful! I have my girls back!”


“Daddy come on I want to meet my sister and scare the crap out of Niko!”


“Cassie my muse don’t you think it would give him a heart starter?" he laughed at his joke. 

“No. That's impossible!”


We laughed and walked inside and into the kitchen. Niko looked up and dropped his glass of blood. Red went everywhere and Cassie and Danny looked pained. “Niko do you by chance have anymore?” Cassie asked


“Yeah in the fridge I told Lillian that it was special adult fruit punch.” Then I walked in, Arvial jumped up and ran into my arms. 


“Dimi! I thought you were dead! I was so worried that I would never see you again!”


“I was at the execution on the stage next to Danny and Cassie.”


“Oh well I wasn't paying any attention I was in pain remember?”


“Well that’s right I was there for the whole thing I could handle it unlike some people because I go through it every month for four days.” Danny blushed slightly and sipped his drink.


“Anyway I missed you Dimi. I didn't know Cassie was your daughter too?” again this was an act at least I hoped it was. I looked at Cassie and by her expression she knew the secret, she knew who her real parents were. She was looking at her real mother.

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