The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


3. ThReE

Chapter Three: ThReE






When I looked at Niko he looked nothing like Danny. Instead he looked more like my brother, odd my brother has the same eyes; green and hair color; black and the same nose; button with a slight dimple at the end. That day I was so stupid not to put two and two together. My fears slowly melted away. When I walked through the doorway I felt safe, it felt weird since it was a vampire family crypt. Well I do feel safe with Danny. I wonder how long his family has been around. I heard a woman saying 


 “Niko, who is at the door?”


“Mother it looks as if we get to finally meet young Daniel’s girlfriend and oh she’s a 
fairy, how….lovely!” Well the safe feeling is gone. The way he had said fairy had sent shivers up and down my spine, my wings poked through my skin and I was glad I was wearing Danny's Your only a Monster if You Believe in Vampires sweatshirt. It was super cozy and an inside joke. Danny was far from being a monster.

Three hours later    

 That wasn't so bad I thought Danny’s mom is a very nice person and she was very pretty she had long brown hair the color of freshly baked bread and beautiful sea sky blue eyes, the sky at the sea is always more blue. She was tall around 5’9 and had a slight tan under her vampire parlor. She looked protective of me and Danny whenever Niko came into the room but hid it nonchalantly. I couldn't help but stare at Niko and think about it but Niko was a vampire shape shifter and I didn't trust him at all even if he was Danny’s brother of sorts I wanted more information on him and who else would have the best information then his brother who knew him for almost 300 years? 


“Hey Danny how come Niko is a shape shifter and you aren't?” he was reluctant to answer but I just looked at him, until finally he took my hand and we sat on my front stoop. His eyes rested on me, but his ears were elsewhere. He started to speak and I fell instantly under the spell of his velvet voice as most girls did when they heard him speak. 



“My mother couldn't have children for the longest time and then came Niko badly injured alone and helpless she had no idea he was a mass murderer. Until he killed my only sister Phoebe. Then I was born. She was scared for my life, because she found out Niko’s shape shifting abilities had crossed over to his vampire state. She still watches him closely now. Didn't you feel the tension or the motherly aura of the room?”  When he was telling me this story I had no idea at the time it was all a lie.


“Yeah actually I did. I was vulnerable to it because my mom’s not much of a mom. Danny, Niko has plans for this town, and their not good.” 


The rest of the night he spent with me in my bedroom he sat in my old rocking chair watching the door for Niko or the window for him. The aroma of crack drifted up the stairs and alcohol was everywhere. My wings fluttered, and I let them escape it felt good for them to be out. Danny liked to look at them he also liked to paint them for me to. He called me his sexy Cassie, his lovely muse. He said all the time that he loved me. Would you like it if I described them to you? Of course you would it’s not your story.Their black and purple with rippes and tears and turquoise ovals at the tips, they look like my great grandmother’s.
“Danny do you want to go flying?”


“Of course my lovely muse.”


“Danny when is my birthday? Has it come and gone or is it to still come?”


“To still come my lovely muse May 15.”


“Tell the truth are you Niko?”


“No dear I’m Danny.”




“Let’s go.”


It turned out he was actually Danny and I had nothing to worry about flying with Danny was so romantic it was so fun. It was a full moon outside normally millions of fairies who decided to live on Earth traveled to Faery for the Full Moon Ball they only celebrate one every year but there are twelve full moons’s to choose from. I've been invited but my mother never let’s me go. Tonight is going to be different. I told Danny we were going to Faery and he said


“Uh sure. What for?”


“The Full Moon Ball.”


We saw so many fairies it was unbelievable Danny was is awe he finally saw my world as I did it was a beautiful bonding moment between us. When we crossed over to the Magical Dimension colors exploded, it was an artists’ dream. All the primaries were there and the secondary colors but some of the colors didn't have a category.  The other fairies were surprised to see me. I was surprised to see me here. My grandmother made an appearance and she was thrilled to see me. Even in earth clothes. My gran hated Earth. Ever since the Salem Witch trials. I danced with all my subjects and of course Danny. Sometime between my last dance with a young male fairy and my first dance with Danny I saw a man that looked like my father. I shook my head and he was gone. Faery was full of surprises. I looked at my watch and eeeped 


“Danny! We have to get home. School starts in four hours.” I said goodbye to my gran and we left. I fell asleep until my alarm blasted in my ear, I looked at my desk and saw two pieces of colorful paper but one was canvas. I got dressed and looked at myself; fairy dust was all over me. My mother was going to freak and well its water proof and the only reason I have it is because I’m one year away from being eighteen or my gran was stepping down early.



I went to my desk and on my desk the painting was of us flying above all the other fairies and the city and us dancing at the Ball, it was gorgeous and a note, ‘last night was amazing see you in school’ love Daniel S. Phelps.



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