The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


13. ThIrTeEn





“Yes she’s my oldest in case you thought I had other secret children.” I played along for Violet’s sake.


“Arvi why don’t you tell them about the visit from your dear loving father?” Niko said amused, he even laughed his new refilled cup was at his mouth and the blood trickled down his chin and neck. Danny rolled his eyes but Arvial and Cassie were amused. Like there was no mistaking them for mother and daughter how Violet didn't see it I would never know.

“Oh yeah anyway it was the first day here and Niko and I were fighting and then we made up and got back together and then I was about to take a nap when I heard someone say 


‘That sure looks inviting.’ I thought it was Niko trying to be funny but then I turned around to say You should really go unpack and it was my father and I did a O crap face and then we started arguing and then I learned that my mama is sick and he wanted me to go home but I couldn't because I was a mortal now and understood and gave me a family portrait it was done a week after we got to America in 1451 and I was super touched. Then Niko came in and they started talking about what happened and he well he said he was bitten. Danny, Phoebe wasn't your mother’s daughter it was Utashiv’s mother’s baby girl she was my age when she was ripped apart. Sorry Dimi you couldn't control yourself then Niko forgave you and then he just poofed.” I tried my best to follow but she talks way to fast. 


Another reason way I let Niko have her, she’s a great best friend, serious when need be but when she’s excited, well there’s no following her words the best you can do is nod your head. Somehow Danny followed and asked a question.


‘“Poofed? Like he blew up or he poofed back to Faery?”


“He poofed back to Faery duh!”

“Oh well that’s good.” Lillian came in wanting lunch and then she saw me and then Cassie


“Daddy! Who are you?” she said pointing at Cassie. I bent down to her height and said that Cassie was her sister and she hugged Cassie and Cassie didn't know what to do she was never hugged as a child except with Niko and Danny. She finally hugged her back it was so touching I cried. “Daddy why are you crying? Can I take Lilly flying?”


“Uh as long as you hold on tight and take Danny with you I can’t fly I don’t have enough fairy in me.”


“Okay come on Danny, Lilly come on.”


I watched from out the window and saw Cassie’s wings unfold and they were absolutely beautiful they looked like mother’s. Danny’s were black and green and reptilian. Lillian was fascinated by them and touched each one carefully and took Danny’s and Cassie’s hands and they each jumped off the ground. Violet came up behind me and said we had some ‘catching up to do’ and took me to the bedroom.


2 hours later


Lillian was all smiles and was telling me all about the flight with her sister and brother-in-law I loved everyone at the table and Niko especially for taking care of Arvi and Cassie for me. I made a speech that made Niko blush and Arvi too I missed them we couldn't be the musketeers of horror without each other. I held the heart shaped stone I gave Arvi all those years ago when Niko told his secret and had to run fast so she couldn't take any of her gifts. Not only did I have the stone I had the wooden figure too. It was March 17th 2010 Arvial’s 573 birthday and she was still sixteen in a way. I pulled them out and Niko laughed remembering carving the little cat Noche Diablo. Arvial cried taking her presents from so long ago. to be exact 525 years ago when they ran and I stayed behind hoping they got away soon enough my parents were getting their pitchforks and torches they did it to protect me to make sure I didn't burn on the stake since I wasn't vampire I didn't care I did care that I hated them leaving together Arvial didn't need to go they left me friendless I was mad for a very long time and then it happened she came back to visit it was 2 days before my wedding and we made love… Arvial was Cassie’s mother! Well I knew that.



Then why did… oh god she had a baby too! I remember being at the hospital it was a still born and she was never the same Arvial gave me Cassie said she wasn't fit to be a mother. AH CRAP! That’s why Violet didn't know. She thought Cassie was her actual daughter. I looked at Arvial and she looked at Cassie and she remembered that of course Cassandra was my daughter she was hers too. I hope to the god I know exists that Niko didn't know,Utashiv wouldn't mind but this Niko would- this Niko was a murderer he killed and he couldn't stop until I stopped him this time I might not have the strength to and then what? Call mommy? I don’t think so. Then I remembered Niko’s mind reading capabilities dam nit! Niko looked at in confusion wondering why I swore and thought I dropped ketchup on my pants. He nodded his head and went back to eating his ‘ketchup’ it was actually really thick human and animal blood. I longed to taste it but I couldn't not with Violet here and Lillian Cassie well she was used to it. There was a knock at the door I said 


“I’ll get it.” that was when I met Toddy he claimed to be Violet’s boyfriend and Arvial and Niko came in… We’re Back world watch out!


(Cassie Point of View)


        When I looked at Violet I didn't see any resemblance at all! I mean come on I looked more like Arvi then Violet and Lillian sure Lillian is my sister but really who is dad fooling? He had an affair with Arvial and is afraid to tell Niko I totally understand that, Niko can be well stubborn and he does like to kill people who are in his way like my aunt’s husband. Arvial and Niko left the room when dad went to get the door. 


I heard whispers I cocked my head so I could hear better Lillian thought it was funny and copied me only she couldn't hear what I heard and I was super glad” 

‘Where do we put the damn body? I haven’t done this in centuries Niko!’ 


" ’Here’s what we do Dimi, we wrap it up go out the back door before the young vamps smell the blood and then we go back and enjoy dinner like nothing happened got that? Niko?"


“‘Yeah we do what Arvi said. Do you have anything to wrap it up in something Vi won’t miss too terribly? Or Jane for that matter."


“Yep it’s old like our time old no ones gonna miss it not even me.”




I decided to get up then and looked at Danny and he followed me when we entered the dining room though they were gone and so was the blood or so we thought it was hidden under the carpet and a blanket of bleach and floor cleaners, there was no drag marks or splatters.trained killers, DUH Arvial’s an assassin of course she knows how to clean up! We followed the trail with our noses and found them 6 miles east in the woods a guy was in the tarp and well he was a handsome guy. I used my fairy telepathic skills to hear what his name was, Toddy but I went deeper, he was slightly alive, his real name is Nixol but then he did die so that’s all I know. so Violet isn’t very loyal either as mans best friend. I learned Toddy worked at a law firm in the next town over he was dating Violet for almost 6 years and now he’s dead.


We ran fast back to the er house it was bigger than any god damn house I’ve ever seen it was a mansion alright it’s only fair a queen should be rich, right? When we sat back down Dimitri (dad), Niko, and Arvial came in a few minutes’ later leaf and twig free, we ate in silence the rest of the night. Later when I heard Arvial and Niko come up the stairs I stopped them. 


“Arvial could I talk to you….alone.” I said looking at Niko at ‘alone’ “Um sure sweet pea, what can I do for you?” I noticed a British accent with a hint of another country, maybe Greece? 


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