The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


10. tEn





45 minutes later -Dinning room


“Hello Jane, you must be Lillian! Your very pretty, how old are you?”


“Seven and three quarters! Mommy and Janie say I’m going to grow up and make the men drop dead!”


“Well they are physics you should listen to them.”


“Lilly this is Arvial she’ll be staying with us, she’s your godmother.”


“Hello again Jane we talked on the phone a little while ago,”


“O hello Mr. Phelps why exactly does Arvi need a Body guard in this godforsaken town?”


“Uh well you see I'm also her boyfriend so it goes hand in hand.”


“Oh I see.”

Lilly pulled on my shirt and asked me “What’s a boyfriend?”


“A boyfriend is a man who loves you very much and someday you’ll find a great one and you’ll marry them then they become your husband.”


“Oh well then my mommy’s husband died and now she has a boyfriend his name is Toddy.”


“Really your daddy was my best friend and it hurt so much to see him go. But I’m here now and I want you to call me Aunt Arvi, okay?”


“Okay Aunt Arvi.” she kissed me on the cheek and and skipped down the hallway. I touched my cheek with my fingertips and was confused at the feeling I had inside my stomach, it was emptiness not hunger but a motherly emptiness.


    I must've stood there like that forever, because Niko had to carry me to the table. I looked up at him enough to say ‘what the hell are you doing?’ well he read my mind and said to me 


“You zonked out after Lilly kissed your cheek you stood there with your fingers on your cheek forever so I decided to carry you to the dining room.”


“Oh well thank you, Is Violet home yet?”


“Yep she arrived a little while ago Jane came and got me.”


“That’s cool. Where does she work do you know?”


“Of course I know, she works for me and the rest of the vampires out there. She’s telepathic. ‘’

“O wow.” I was silent after that. And I thought to myself no wonder we’re staying here she had to let her boss stay in the house he gave her. I wasn't Lilly’s godmother or was I?
I never got her father’s name I’ll have to see if it pops up at dinner. 


“Hello Mr. Phelps it’s always a pleasure having you for dinner except… this time… you…. won’t be…. leaving.” the last part was spaced out as if she didn't like Niko. Sure Niko and I had our up and downs but that didn't mean I didn't like him actually I love him I've always loved him. 


“Violet we've met at a couple cocktail parties and his funeral.”


“Yes I know why you won’t mention Dimitri’s name?”


“I won’t say it because it hurts too much, thank you.”


Dimitri was my best friend and he’s also a werewolf, he came to America with Niko and me. We were the American horror stories. 

“So Violet how’s life treated you after Dimitri’s passing?”


“Oh the usual I guess minus the constant reminders of him.”

“We’ll talk more when Lilly Pad is in bed.” I smiled remembering the Old Nick name I gave when I learned her name. Lilly was so beautiful she had her fathers hair and eyes and also his nose and his gentle personality; he was kind and hated killing people, she the first born she was going to be a werewolf at thirteen I’m glad I’m here because I helped Dimitri through the process of changing once a month for four days. I looked at Niko and could tell he was seeing what I was thinking;



    We were all 13 it was a full moon I remembered and Dimitri’s eyes had glazed over and he was sweating, Niko changed into a large animal to keep him contained I had called on my dark forces to help him and protect him because even then I loved him but I was courting Dimitri then my best friend, It was a horrifying moment when he changed his neck twisted so you could see the muscles forming bigger and wider, his face grew longer and narrower his hair thickened and fanned a crossed his entire body which was shrinking into a wolf, this is where Little Red Riding Hood came from I always wore red and black at the time. I was called a witch many times. But Dimitri was suffering so I cried and learned of my natural disaster powers I was please at the time about them. It lasted four long days keeping him contained Niko was getting tired and so was I and our forces died down and he got away and killed Niko’s sister Phoebe, Niko didn't kill Phoebe Dimitri did Niko just took the blame to protect Dimitri. Niko is so sweet sometimes.


It was 1452 and Niko, Dimitri and I were waking to school and I     remembered my mother said it was going to be a full moon. I remember that it was after Phoebe died and it was winter. It was the day that Dimi first kissed me. I was so surprised that I couldn't say anything I think I giggled and ran off to tell Phoebe but remembered she wasn't alive any longer so I told Niko, big mistake on my part because I didn't know that Niko adored me and drew my portrait every night to get it perfect I still have the perfected one. The next day Dimitri had a black eye and a swollen lip Niko didn't look any better so I thought it must've happened when they were in their other forms I wondered why they didn't invite me, I always went with them. 

All through school neither Niko nor Dimitri talked to me so I walked home myself our village was only one long road if that. I heard someone calling my name so I turned around. It was Niko and Dimi and they had my school bag I wondered how I had forgotten it. They finally caught up to me and I remembered it was Niko who apologized about not speaking to me all day, and confessed that they didn't invite me last night because they planned on fighting. I had to giggle but I remembered snorting to it made both boys laugh. We were the three supernatural musketeers loving each other until we died but that was forever we thought then and laughed even harder.

My birthday came that June and Niko carved a figurine out of wood it looked like one of my shadows I used to keep Dimi in line on full moons it was the big cat name Noche Diablo Spanish for Night Devil, I thought it suited him.
Dimi gave me a heart of stone and had our initials and Niko’s engraved into it, it said; To the first musketeer Arvial you made our friendships soar with happiness and love Niko and I will always love you, Dimitri.

I cried after reading it I learned it was from both of them but Niko insisted that Dimitri give it to me and only put his name on it. Niko was so sweet but that sweetness turned sour later that night and I wouldn't ever forget this night, how could I? It was the night Niko revealed his true form; the form that kept Dimi in check and me in love with him, sure I loved Dimi but not the same Dimi was like a brother not a beau. I cried telling my parents that it was a trick but they already knew what he was so I didn't bother. But Dimitri he ran home his parents didn't know he’d been bitten back in Russia where he was originally from. So Niko and I ran away and never looked back I went to fairy and he went to western New York and now we’re back in Ugata Utah were it all started. God help me.

. (Danny's POV)

        When I woke up a week after I talked to Arvi I wondered where she was I knew Cassie knew but I didn't know a thing about her location it was confidential and since I was a close friend I couldn't read her file. I hope Niko isn't making her uncomfortable, after all he is married; PERFECT I thought I could go and see Natalie myself! I’ll ask gran where she lives. 


“Hello gran, can I ask you a question?”


“Ask away dear.”


“Alright do you know where Niko’s wife Natalie lives?”


“Sweetheart there is a Natalie in Fairy but she’s your brother’s ex-wife! Your brother isn't married, he told me not to tell you but I have to now, he told you that so he could see Arvial everyday for a couple of hours.”



“What! I thought they broke up like 64 years ago!”


“He lied about that to dear he didn't want to end it Arvial did he was heartbroken and went on a killing rampage, my son stopped him of course they were friends.”


“What do you mean friends?”


“My son was bitten in Russia in 1441 by a werewolf, Niko, Arvial and him were best friends and they called themselves the 3 horror musketeers I think.”


“Um wow where your village was?”


“Niko’s parents named it after his real name Utashiv, Utah dear Ugata Utah.”


“Is that where he could of taken her?”


“It’s possible I guess. Well yes its exactly where they are but please don’t go its too dangerous you would see your sister-in-law and mother-in-law you see that crack head down on earth was a cover up Violet couldn't take care of both Cassandra and Lillian so she sent Cassandra to her sister’s house in western new York Niko was across the street for a reason to protect his friends daughter.”


“O god and all those years I thought he was evil! I’m a bad brother!”


“No your not dear you just thought what people wanted you to believe.”


“I don’t feel any better; about it though.”


“Of course not. They’re returning in month for a mortal check we have to make sure it worked.”


O god what if it didn't work? That would mean Arvial would have to go through it again! I can still hear those screams the blood coming from her back wasn't black like usual it was human red, I think I puked I knew I cried for her I knew it was what she wanted but it doesn't mean I couldn't cry for her.Cassie! I needed Cassie right now. I knew she was in the History of Faery and Earth class right now that meant I was super late! Being king didn't excuse you from detention; I was surprised they knew what detention was. I hope I didn't say that out loud. I hated being the extremely new kid at school and court. I was originally a vampire the arch enemy of fairies that’s why Faery made the HFVA Half Fairy Vampire Assassins oh I forgot an S for Squad. I walked through the back door of the classroom and straight for Cassie when Ms. Utashight pronounced (U got shit) I got a crack out of saying her name and everyone what shit meant and now they laughed when they said her name. She really hated my immortal guts. Anyway she said “Daniel how nice to see your handsome face, please tell me why you are late?” Cassie looked flustered that she didn't notice I had sat down, 


“Ms.Utashight I was late because I was talking with the former High Queen Rosandra about my bother and his so called wife Natalie.”


“My name is Natalie and I used to be married to your brother until he cheated on me with that wench Arvial!”


“Arvial is not a wench! As king I could have your teaching license invoked!”


“I-I You wouldn't!” then she looked at Cassie for reinsurance she didn't like what she saw “Very well I won’t talk about Arvialishivatatina again.”


“What? Is that her real name?”


“Um duh everyone knows that I was her teacher in 1452 Niko and I was having an affair on the side when she chose Dimitri instead of him.”


“She didn't choose Dimitri! She always loved Niko! They ran away together or did you forget?”


“Shut Up! Of course I remembered it broke my un-aging heart! I loved Utashiv!”

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