The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


16. Sixteen






It’s really good if you are a vampire and a fairy. I always looked at the window that faced the woods it was always an escape to me because it was mystery and it was so beautiful in the fall but now it loomed in the distance like a giant scar, it was a giant secret a murder but that’s what vamps and assassins do and werewolves of course. After breakfast I spent time catching up with Utalie. We talked about school and the boys she liked off and on. It was good to talk to her again, we even talked about the clothes I wore on fairy I brought some dresses and she fell in love with them and wanted to borrow one but I said no and then she asked who made them for me. That’s when I told her I have my own tailor and fashion designer which was my grandmother. We laughed a lot she told me everyone missed me and wanted me to visit but of course they didn't know why I left. I’m babbling again.

Finally Niko came by and told us it was lunch time. We found that Lillian and Danny were already eating/drinking whatever. Lillian was like speeding I was going to give her a ticket or something. 

“Lilly slow down please we’re not going anywhere!”

“Yeah but Mama won’t let me do this again in awhile she kind of hates you." she said that when both Dad and Violet walked in, Niko turned and couldn't help but smile and looked kind of worried. Dimitri looked at him and laughed because he already knew I overheard him the night before talking to Violet he said it was only fair. I had to laugh at him it was funny.

After that Violet and I got along a little better and she let me see Lilly again and we could fly anytime we wanted. Danny and Dimitri looked pleased that we we’re getting along. I was having fun and I observed that Arvial and also my mom. I got a letter from my grandmother I was to return to fairy in a month.
As I reading the letter I read it out loud accidently, 

 April Seventeenth 
Dear Queen Cassandra Alexandra Jones Phelps, 
You are needed back in Fairy in exactly one mortal month. The reason for this is inside you, you should be getting bigger and eating more unusual foods. If this letter is late, Arvial can deliver the baby. I love you. I will see you soon~ Grandmother Rosandra”

I looked up and everyone was staring at my stomach which I hid under a hoodie. “What the hell are you looking at?”

“Dear your pregnant you need to go to Fairy now as soon as the baby’s born you can return.” Violet said to me. 

“Uh listen to Violet dear she knows what’s she’s talking about.” Dad said. 

“I totally forgot you were due in three weeks we've been here for three weeks Cassie! The letters late!”

“O god!” just then I felt really weird like jittery weird.

I felt really wet between my legs I looked at Danny, Dad, Arvial, and Violet to help me then they didn't get the message I screamed,

 “MY DAMN WATER BROKE RETARDS!” I didn't like the choice of words but I didn't really care they got the message. Dad and Danny carried me up the stairs and Arvial call grams, and explained we just got the message. Utalie stayed in the corner scared, she’s never seen my supernatural family up close except Niko and Danny even then they didn't have their fangs out or anything. 

Arvial got ready to deliver the baby and told everyone to leave except Danny so he could hold my hand since he was the only one strong enough. It seemed short to me but I passed out after she cut my stomach open. I woke up three hours later. I heard Gran downstairs Danny was in the corner holding a pink bundle, the baby I haven’t even thought of a name yet. Finally it came to me it was a part of Arvial’s real name Shiva Landra Phelps. I told Danny this and he loved it. I called everyone to the room and announced her name Arvial loved it and so did Niko and Daddy, Violet said she liked it but she said she would call her Iva for her nickname. I think she wanted me to name her after a flower like her. What was I going to name her? Dandelion? Wait that’s a weed okay Tulip? I mean seriously. I was tired again so I fell asleep and I felt Danny’s lips on my forehead before he left the room.

I woke up early the next day. I instantly went to the window to see the woods, of course they haven’t changed but I wanted to say hi to Toddy er I mean Nixol. I still haven’t gotten his last name, what the funny thing is though is that my ex boyfriend’s name was Nixol Brown. Oh my god. Nixol! he didn't deserve to die. You know he could also be Lillian’s dad since Niko actually couldn't really have kids. And neither Violet nor Niko have blonde hair, Nixol does. Jesus Christ! Nixol is Lillian’s father. Violet must've conceived Lillian a couple years after Dad left for Fairy and I went to Western New York. I decided to take a shower I had blood and sweat all over me.

There was a knock on the door and I opened it, I was in my robe and Niko was standing there holding a plate of food I took it and said thank you. I took Shiva from Danny and fed her and rocked her I was tired after that I told Danny to put her back in her crib. Danny did so and I fell asleep, Danny decided to crawl in the bed with me and we slept until noon the next morning.

I woke up to find gran standing over me and Danny. The way Danny and I were cuddling I was embarrassed to have her there. Then I was mad she was in my room this early, hey I’m 17 I sleep til whenever and stay up all night. 

“What are you doing in here?” 

“I came to get Shiva for her afternoon feeding and saw you were still sleeping.” 

“What time is it?” 

“Past 2 in the afternoon I understand childbirth at home is painful but you have vampire healing powers now so get up and take care of your CHILD!” with that she left the room. 

“Danny baby get up.” 

‘’I don’t wanna Cassie. 5 more minutes" 

“I don’t think so Vamp Daddy.” I smiled and got up. 

“I’m up my muse where Shiva is?” 

“My grandmother took her downstairs a few minutes ago c’mon let’s go.” I shoved him out 
the door running into Utalie and Lillian. Of course the impact made Danny back into the incision on my stomach. I winced then I was back and jumped over the two story railing and landed next to Niko on the couch he jumped like two feet and came back down glaring at me. Arvial was laughing so hard it looked as if she was going to pee herself. Danny came in with Shiva (Shy-VA) and I instantly light up, I opened my arms and my baby was there she was so beautiful, she had my blue eyes and Danny’s brown hair she had Arvi’s nose though it was adorable on both of them. My moment was shattered when gran came in and took her from me. 

“What the hell GRAN I was holding my baby!” 


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