The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


6. sIx

Chapter Six: sIx




After my day dream and talk to myself.




I went to talk to my father and grandmother who now was my adviser to ask some questions Danny was with me as long as I loved him he said, a vampires love was undying since they never died of natural causes. He repeated his oath daily and I always answered I would always love him and need him because he is my true king and my only love. My father was a sight to see when we walked into the parlor, my grandmother was making some kind of dress and using my father as the model for the hemming since my father is only two inches taller than me fairies are really short but not Tinkerbell short what she’s like four inches tall? I'm 5’2 human size so I can blend in. and I can talk human I don’t jingle like pixies. 


“Um guys what’s going on?”


My grandmother looked up 

“Oh hello dear I'm making your wedding gown. For your wedding to Daniel tomorrow.”


“TOMORROW! But how did I not know about this?”


Danny looked surprised enough to pass out he read my mind I could feel it was like a brain freeze while eating ice-cream all over your head. He found what he wanted but it was nothing I didn't know anything beforehand about the engagement. 


“Daaaaaaaaaad? What do you know-How long has this been planned?”

No answer. 


“Grams? When was this planned? When the prophecy was written? Tell me I command answers!”


“Calm yourself Cassandra, to answer your questions go to the kingdom’s prophet she has all the answers, Oh do you like?”


“Actually despite everything I LOVE it,” I had the dress they sent to go to dance in still on. I looked outside, there was enough time to go speak to the prophet, I tugged on Danny’s arm and had him read my mind,

‘we are going to see the prophet let’s go.’ 

He followed me and it only took two human hours but here it was more like five minutes. When we entered the cave. 


“Enter Princess Cassandra. And Prince Daniel.” Creepy.


“It’s only creepy if you want it to be creepy my dear princess. You are here about the wedding are you not?”


“Uh yes Priestess Veta we are.”


“You want to know why tomorrow, ja?”

“Uh ja. Why tomorrow?”


“My dear princess tomorrow is your actual seventieth birthday. May 15 was made up so you wouldn't guess your parents.”


“It isn't Niko is it?"


“No, sweetheart your father is Dimitri, the model for you dress.”

“Oh then who is my real mother?”

“I can’t tell you. It is not my place child.”


“Alright but really is Danny like my soul mate then? Is that why he’s in the prophecy?”


“Yes my child something like that. Is that all child of Werewolf and fairy. Oops I said too much. Act shocked when they tell you. And since I already said too much, your mother’s name is Arvial, she was part of The Three Horror Musketeers.  You will see her tomorrow but not in the way you may think.”  I blinked and Danny and I were at the castle. I looked at him and he looked at me and we both said together


“Er goodnight, getting married tomorrow. I love you.” We turned and went to our bedrooms. I couldn't get to sleep for almost three hours. When I did fall asleep I dreamt of my parents.  Who was the third horror?

I woke up the next day and thought to myself,



I’m getting married today and couldn't believe it , I mean I'm only sixteen scratch that seventeen. And Danny is what 250 years old in human years in vampire years he’s only what 216 years old in vampire. I hope I can do this. My gran is coming up the stairs as I think about this I can hear her with my Halfa ears. But it’s not her it’s Niko. I jump out of bed and got ready to cuss him out. 

“Hold your fire princess. I'm here as a friend not foe.”

“How can I trust you?”


“Good point dear princess but I’m here for Danny not you.” he changed into another demeanor this time he looked like my mother. DISGUSTING I didn't even want to think about what they did for the past 17 years. My father was here and he was EWW! Then it hit me. Maybe Niko didn't kill my father at all? What if my father asked Niko to protect me from the other vampires besides Danny? It would make since why he never killed me, or he was in love with my real mother.


“Get out Niko.” He did what I said, wow I wondered than how much power did I possess right now? What about Danny? There was someone else coming up the stairs Niko had closed the door, the door opened a female fairy of about 5’1 with long black hair and torn wings that looked like mine, and her face had the same shape as mine, came through the doorway I knew I would lose in a fight against her, she was my mother. How did I know this? Then she spoke her voice was like a melody. Danny said mine sounded the same way.

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