The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


17. Seventeen





“I’m taking her to fairy where she belongs! You should come too I don’t see why either Dimitri or you can stand it here! Let’s go NOW!” 

“HOLD it I’m queen you stepped down your just my adviser! Give me my baby now!”

 “Well I never! Fine here’s the child I’ll be in Fairy.” with that she like poofed she was just gone, I took Shiva back to my room and held her while I cried I was ashamed that I talked to my grandmother that way, I know I’m queen but I shouldn't have said that her face was so full of pain I couldn't look at it. I heard the door open and I hurried to wipe the tears from my eyes. 


“Hello muse how are you doing?” Danny I thought I was lucky to have him with me. 

“I’m okay but I feel awful for saying that.” 

“Its only natural you’ve never used your queenly rights before. I know she’s your grandmother and all but she’s a bitch sometimes.” I laughed and said. 

“I know but she’s doing what she thinks is best for the baby,” looking at the baby for a second and continued " I think we should go the fairy for a month and then we can come back and live here if we want to." 

“Okay do you want to tell them or should I??” 

“I will, I kind of Miss Yolanda weird huh? I mean she did threaten me on the first day and we missed her party it was last Urah, just talking about faery make you speak its language!” We laughed and went downstairs we decided to tell them after dinner at dessert time. Lillian was playing with Shiva on the floor I remember in Breaking Dawn Bella and Edward’s baby grew really fast and was speaking in about a month, Shiva was already the size of a van tire and she’s only 2 days old. Like Bella or any mother I was scared she would grow up to fast but Danny grew this fast. So did I actually when I was four I was 3’11 when everyone else was still 2’ I was always taller than everyone. I was labeled freak because of my supernatural height. I wanted to sleep and everything but I couldn’t and I helped set the table and then I made dinner with Niko he was concerned with my thoughts I was thinking about Fairy again. 

“My dear its okay you can go back. Take as long as you need and come back.” 

“Niko sometimes I thank god that you can read minds, and theres others when I actually hate it! Like when I was growing up and I failed a test you always found out even if I burned it or forged your signature not in that order. You’re like my dad, you always just know.” 

“What a touching moment Cassie,” I turned it was Utalie “Too bad you won’t be returning to Fairy, Yo toddy get in here.” 

“Toddy’s dead Utalie!” I whispered for everyone’s benefit she looked at me and said 

“What do you mean? He’s right here! Your father and pals killed our precious quarter back Nixol Brown, your ex-boyfriend I have no idea what he saw in you really or what 
Danny see’s in you.” 

“Shut up Utalie,” Niko and Danny said I let my fangs show waiting for the fight I was freshly healed and was ready for anything. Danny came closer and I saw he had Nixol’s head in his hand; he threw it at Utalie she screamed so loud I laughed. 

 When she was done yelling and screaming the whole damn house was there to see what was going on. The house was on my side of course because she was an outsider. We attacked just like that she was dead. I found out why Daniel and Niko didn't like her she was a Shadoe she stole the souls of fairies and other supernatural’s. I thought she was my friend a sister even! I should’ve listened to Danny and Niko when I had the chance, now she’s dead.

I cried in shock and sadness after all she was my only true friend. Even Arvial who was in disguise didn't know what Uta knew I loved her so much and now I had killed her. I felt absolutely horrible I held Shiva for a long time I wouldn't let Danny touch her. Danny felt horrible too I've been through so much death lately.

I called Rosandra and said I was coming home with Shiva and Danny. I packed and repacked I loved this house I wished I could bring everyone with me actually Dimitri had to come. I agreed to turn Violet for him I couldn't do that for Lillian she was too young she must do what I did. I sent her to stay with my cousin in Rochester I could trust her with my life and she could protect Lillian for as long as I needed her to. 
Violet are you ready to do this I thought to myself but I knew she could hear me, she was a telepath. 

“Of course I am, I want to be with Dimitri, and I want Lillian safe. Are you sure your cousin can do this?”

“She has two kids a boy named Christopher he’s 15 and a girl Angela she’s 6 in a half Im sure she’s capable.”

“Well alright.” Violet lay down on her bed and waited until I was ready. Niko had to turn her into a vampire first than I had to use my powers to turn 1/2 of her immortal self fairy like I had done with Danny. The whole process takes four complete hours. Niko came out and told me his part was done and he went downstairs. I waited the two hours out next to her I had Shiva with me when the two hours were up I drew her blood and mixed it with mine then I infused it back into her body and said a couple of magical words actually its a phrase my grandma taught me- Yoasti Consti I think she made it up though but it works. I waited those two hours posing for Danny he got inspiration last night when I was singing Shiva goodnight. I didn't mind though as long I was there when Violet woke up.
Danny said it was about time when she should be getting up. I hurried down the hall and up to the attic where Violet was. She was just waking up and she looked around at her surroundings it wasn't like Danny he had almost 2oo years to get used to being a vampire but she only had like 2 hours and then she passed out and then she was transformed into a fairy vamp. She was a little out of it. 

“Hey Violet I have some blood for you, fairy’s and vampires have to have blood in their system to survive. Now after you drink this you can have this clam chowder.”

“Okay, I don’t know if I should be disgusted or pleased that I enjoy blood so much,”

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