The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


7. SeVeN




“My name is Arvial; I’m the fairy of death and destruction. My destiny is kill the halfas but I don’t want to so I have to have a halfa high queen kill ME.” as she pointed herself. I didn’t WANT to kill anyone and technically my gran was still the High queen. 


“Excuse me but I’m not queen yet my grandmother would be more then happy to kill an assassin trust me have you seen the way she blows up at Niko my prince’s brother?”


“Ya so what I want you to kill me. Please if you don’t I’ll cry and then millions will die do you want that?”


“No fine the execution will be after the wedding.”


I called the guards and told them 


“Take her to the dungeon she is to be ‘killed’ after the wedding or millions will die and don’t to let her cry." She wasn’t going to die, my mother wasn’t going to leave me again, I’m stripping her of her powers and making her mortal, Niko will be her protector. I’ll ask my father for a good re-location spot.


“Yes ma’am will do and congrats for already fulfilling a queen goal all queens have to execute an assassin.”


Maybe Arvial was sent, by gran or the prophet Veta? Then the door opened again this time it was gran and about a dozen other fairies,


“Time to get ready dear.” 

The preparations took twelve long hours. I didn't mention Arvial or Niko being the best man yet actually I didn't talk at all. 


“Are ye nervous princess? I know I was when thee married me husband ye happy with Sir Daniel?” a maid said with an old English accent that dated back to medieval times. 


“No I’m not nervous just worried about after the wedding I have an execution scheduled after. Have you ever heard of Arvial?”


“YE captured the fairy of death and destruction? O ye very lucky your grandfather has been looking fir her for millennia.” 


“Really could you tell me about her?”


“Now are not thee time young one.” I wondered why she wouldn't tell me but I pushed the thought aside and followed down the stairs. The wedding was to take place in the abandoned church which was still holy so Niko couldn't enter. I didn't understand how either Danny or I could enter maybe it was some type of spell.The maid I was talking to looked frightened from what I didn't know.


The wedding was beautiful I was glowing in happiness  my dress was as well, it was white and the train was almost fifteen feet long, twelve flower girls had to carry it. and power I didn't even notice Niko at the reception. Danny could now sleep in my royal quarters. I was even happier about that.After a couple dances I found my father.


“Daddy, uh well Arvial came to my chambers this morning and instead of killing her we agreed to make her a mortal. Do you know where Niko and she will be safe? Like your house on earth?”


“Uh yes in Ugata Utah it’s a ghost town they’ll be safe there, my wife and little girl is there.”


“I have a sister?”


“Yes her name is Lillian. She thinks we’re dead. Arvial and Niko are her god parents.” After the dance ended I winked and walked away. Danny met me half way a crossed the dance floor and said it was time for his surprise. Is that what gran told him the execution was? Oh no.


After the wedding Danny found out about the execution and was very mad but really I couldn't blame him. I was mad at myself for agreeing to ‘kill’ such a beautiful woman fairy, but as the high queen I couldn't break my promises to anyone even the fairy of death and destruction. I wondered what it felt like to cry and knowing that you were killing thousands upon thousands of people. I couldn't handle it no wonder she wanted death. I explained that to Danny and he finally understood why I had to ‘kill’ her. When they brought her out I had to announce her crime but there really was no crime in suicide well maybe in my old church but that’s about it. I looked at Danny he was pissed off I could tell. 


“Danny I had to I didn't want to really but she was so-so  I don’t know what she was like sincere I had to agree if you don’t agree fine but don’t take it out on me im just doing my job. As queen.” He looked at me and he had understanding and guilt in his eyes, did he know her? I let him read my plan from my head.


“Danny do you know her?”


“Yes and no Niko dated her once or twice. Not very serious but she is a very good friend of my mother’s but if this is an organized suicide than I can’t do anything about it. I know your doing your job and as your king I have to accept that you have to do this.”


“I love you Danny and I’m sorry Arvial is doing this.”

We sat there for a little while longer than I stood and started my speech; 


“Hello people of Fairy, today we are gathered for not just a reception but an very unfortunate execution, Arvial Yoko Assassin of the Seventh Generation is sentenced to death today not of a crime but because she turned herself in so because of that I’m taking her wings and immortality away and live amongst mortals for the rest of her natural life.”


“Hello Arvial are you ready it may hurt.” I knew what I had to do it took immense power to do this I needed my grandmother and her power. She saw me and knew that it might kill her but it was worth it. We chanted the chant and soon Arvial was screaming in pain if only she knew what she was doing. When it was done I looked at Danny and he wasn't there, maybe he didn't want to watch after she started screaming I found him a little while later in the room. He was crying bloody tears. 


“Danny what’s the matter!? I was only doing what I thought was right I didn't want her to die and neither did she, she wanted this instead she knew it would be painful but she obviously didn't expect to see you so it made the pain worse.”


“Huh? She, she wanted that pain? You could really do that to someone?”


“Why are you turning this on me? She’s the one who wanted to die without dying! If you didn't want to see or hear you could of walked away. But you didn't until it started so you must've been curious maybe you should go see her because she leaves tomorrow this is no place for a mortal. Or a full pledged vampire but I changed you with MY power.”


“I’m sorry Cassie. I really wanted to walk away but it’s so long since I last saw her. The last time was at school when you weren't there I don’t know why exactly you weren't she was beautiful not as beautiful as you of coarse.”


I smiled “Stop just go and see her she’s mortal be careful. You look thirsty.” I walked away. As I did I smiled and let my fangs show.

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