The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


1. OnE

Chapter One:OnE 




It was Monday the worst day of my life ever. I'm not just saying this because its the beginning of the week. Maybe I should tell what happened over the weekend, On Friday right after I got home I caught my mom sniffing crack, my brother was into the brandy and dad was missing.I know I met be sounding a little paranoid, but my brother is thirteen, and my mom is 'home-schooling' him because she thinks public schools are a 'bad influence' great job mom. My mother doesn't even look anything like me, I'm blonde, she's red headed, I have bluish eyes she has hazel, and we're complete opposites.


Not wanting to engage in conversation with either of them, I quickly ran to my room and called my boyfriend Danny, after the other line rang for five minutes he answered with- I don't want to talk. I huffed and looked at my phone like it would suddenly open up and give me the answers to my sucky day. Of course it didn't that would be impossible, and I'm a junior Fairy, let me explain, my family goes back before Jesus Christ himself, my family are Fairies, royal fairies might I add. Although my grandmother is a Halfa, or Half Fairy half Vampire she was full Fairy when she had my father and now I'm next in line for the throne since my father denounced his right to rule. I plan on being a Halfa like my grandmother Rosandra. Usually on Friday I would do homework or write in my journal or take flight, but tonight I didn't see anything in my room that looked entertaining besides the T.V my father got me for my birthday three months ago.



So I turned on the TV and the news was on, the handsome early twenty something newscaster was in the fore ground while my dad's car was in the back ground smashed to bits. Blood was everywhere I started to cry as the newscaster said that,


"A young Danny Phelps crashed into a mister Robert Jones killing him instantly, Danny's current girlfriend was Bob's daughter. There is no evidence that alcohol was involved, or any drugs. Daniel Phelps is an upstanding citizen and claims to be in love with Cassie Jones. There is no further evidence to suggest foul play."

 I couldn't believe it my father was dead, my mother was an addict, and my brother is a drunk what could get any worse than this, just than my cell phone rang, a picture of my father showing up on the screen, which I found to be odd since it said on the T.V that he was dead. 


"Yeah?"  I answered hesitantly, scared someone was pranking me.


"Cassie I'm so sorry but I can't see you anymore and I can't change you into a Halfa. Your father learned about what you wanted to do and wanted to kill me." Danny's voice echoed in my ear. This couldn't be right; Danny did mention he had a brother. I decided to play along until Monday at school.


"So you killed him? And now you’re breaking up with me? Your a jerk Danny I really don't know what I was thinking when I said yes to go out with you. Good riddance." I slammed my phone shut for good measure, whoever Danny's brother is he's not on my good list.


So my weekend was absolutely horrible. My ex- boyfriend or my boyfriend's brother killed my dad.


As I walked into the school cafeteria on Monday, after Math class, I saw Danny his black hair carelessly placed around his head, his green eyes sparkling with old tears, faking laughs here and there to keep his buddies from worrying, his group of friends, consisted of all my closet friends boyfriends, Nat Blake, Tyson Vailsworth, Tommy Jams, and Chi Luing. A football under his left elbow propped against his hip, but he wasn't laughing like the others, I was glad for that. He caught me looking and I walked over.


In his eyes I saw the sadness, guilt,and depression forming, maybe this is his twin, I should walk away, no this has to be Danny. I started to walk towards him getting more and more nervous, maybe I was wrong maybe that was him on the phone Friday night. I stopped a couple feet from him and his friends dispersed except Chi, who hung back for a few seconds, having found out the news from their own girlfriends and didn't want to stick around for all the drama, I didn't get the chance to start the drama I had no intention of starting before Danny started talking. Tears literally in his eyes, threatening to spill over like an overfilled glass of water and making them look like polished emeralds. 


"Cassie I didn't break up with you that was my brother trying to get back at me for going against his 'laws' or whatever. I love you please forgive me." Now the tears were falling, I was considering moving our conversation out of a public setting but it was too late everyone in the lunch room had seen the tears, bloody tears might I add, dang it! He exposed himself. 


"I thought it wasn't you but I'd been through so much that day that I couldn't get your voice or your brothers for that matter. I forgive you. But Danny we got to move, you’re crying and you just fed so the blood is in your tears!"


"Ah crap. Let's go, and cool I'm real sorry about your dad I was watching the news and your dad's name popped up. I couldn't believe it than my name popped up and I knew it was my brother. Crap the asswipe always getting in my way." I laughed a little and started leading him out of the room. As soon as we were in the clear, I kissed him, then I saw a figure pass by the alcove where we were making out who just so happened to be Danny's mysterious brother. I only knew because he looked just like the guy I was locking lips with.


 "I've never met your brother, Danny." Well than I have my boyfriend back. Now I wish my dad wasn't dead.


"You don't want to." He whispered and started to walk away.

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