The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


19. Nineteen






“Cassie please let me paint you! You look so beautiful right there next to the window overlooking the Unicorn Forest!”

“Fine, I guess but I need to get Shiva she woke up a few minutes ago.”

“Okay, but stand in that spot with Shiva and I can paint you both!”

“I’m glad you like the room Danny (giggle)” I walked across the closet and enter Shiva’s fantasy room, I know silly right? But here the fantasies are on earth the cities and knights those will always be fantasy no matter the world. All the places I visited were on her walls she’ll never know their real because I’m never going back. Too much death there if mother wants to see me she’ll come here same with Diko,
“Hi baby girl! Did you miss mommy?” I said in baby tones I got little smiles and giggles and she tried grabbing my necklace I told her no no and picked her up, 
“Shiva your name is so special you know its part of your grandmother Arvial’s full name but it’s to long to pronounce correctly. I came from these places on your walls but you’ll never see them their nightmares truly people up here think its wonderful but its full of death and pain and suffering here you never die and are never in pain and there’s no suffering to your physical or internal self only emotionally. Let’s go; Daddy wants to paint a pretty picture of us.” I walked into the only beautiful thing from earth and put a smile on my face and stood in the front of the window and looked out to the Forest enchanted with Unicorns good and bad the good are black and the bad white. I stood there for hours with Shiva in my arms finally Danny said 
“Done this is beautiful. Shiva completes it you know our baby, I never thought I would ever have a child you know, thank you Cassie.”

“You’re welcome Danny.” I got choked up with tears and we went downstairs to dinner. To my surprise Niko and Arvial were there; to my disappointment Niko lost the fight Arival had wings and she made Niko a halfa so they could live here with us we couldn’t make her cry or mad or sad, or too happy. Reading my mind they both said “We decided not to give that power back to me, her.”

“Oh well that’s good no more death for a while by natural disasters.”

"Yep just freak accidents and old age that would be my mom and dad’s job. You know the Greek Legend the Fates? Well that’s my family I’m older than you guys think, I’m over two thousand years old.
I woke up from a dream about the meadow we landed in last night; it was so beautiful on one side and blackened with fire and ash on the other. I knew what it symbolized but I was afraid to say it out loud, Evil was winning the battle between Good and Evil, Black v. White, Light v, Darkness. Whatever you call it Evil was winning. I didn’t like it. 
“Danny, you know the meadow we landed in yesterday? What’s it called?” 
“Huh? Oh the meadow is called Arvial’s Meadow, her parents named it after her after they found it; it’s the constant battle between Light and Darkness.”

“Really? Because yesterday it looked like Darkness was winning! Is Arvial supposed to fight on a side?” 
“Yes light but without her powers for destruction she’s no use to Light or Darkness she’s a neutral force now.” 
“Will it affect us if Darkness wins?” 
“No considering that we control this dimension, whatever Darkness wants has to go through us anyway so not really maybe the everyday citizen.” 
“We can’t let it win then we have to help Light win!” 
“Cassie theres nothing we can do! The only one who is  strong enough to fight is Arvial and she got rid of her most important power, what she doesn’t get is that when she’s in the meadow she can control who lives and who dies.”
“We have to get her to the meadow and give her that power!” I know how naive I sounded but I didn’t want the rise of darkness to be my fault or Arvial’s people hated her as it was. Before he could answer I went to find Arvial and tell her what she could do in the meadow surely she would listen to me I’m her daughter. I entered the enormous kitchen to find Arvial crying and nothing was happening well not here maybe, 
“Mom, what’s wrong? Arvial?” 
“Oh honey I’m just crying because of a dream I had last night. You know the meadow we landed in last night?” 
“Yeah I had a dream about it last night, something about the constant battle between good and evil, does this have anything to do with your dream?” 
“Yes exactly huh usually I’m the only who had that dream maybe it’s because your my daughter.” I thought about what she said for a little while before I answered, 
" Maybe but Danny and I were talking and we want to give you your powers for destruction back you know just for the meadow battles and then take them away when your with Niko, and the rest of us." 
I could feel her mind whirling as she thought I mean the look on her face, deep concentration. 
“Alright I’ll do it, I went through the pain before and I’ll do it again,"

“Oh no, theres no pain involved we keep your powers in a gas form almost like air and we inject it into your stomach where the power cells are and uningect later.”

“Oh,” So the decision was made, her fist battle would be tonight when the battle was at its peak. 
I went back to my room to get Shiva and Danny, well Danny to tell him the news and then I would get dressed. While I walking and thinking I bumped into Violet, 

“Oh hey Cassie.”

“Hey VI, how do you like the new mansion?”

“I love it thanks for letting us stay!”

“Its the least I could do Violet, Dad loves you so much and I know how much it killed him to leave you the first time and he’s happy well of what I’ve seen of him anyway.”

“He’s in the shower now and then he’s going for a walk weird order huh but hey, tonight’s the full moon.”

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