The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


9. NiNe






“Please Arvi I was just trying-”


“Don’t alright your married and- and you broke my heart to many times before! We are just colleagues alright your my body guard don’t fuck this up alright? Now go to your room!”


“Jeez you sound like my mother!”


“Well I feel bad for your mother and I’m ashamed of her to because she felt bad for you and decided to pass on the vampire gene! You didn't deserve it Niko Dentrev I don’t even think Niko is your real first name!”


“It’s bloody not Arvi and I’m not mocking you! I’m from England to! I came here with the pilgrims with you! Don’t you remember? You and I made the horror stories begin!”


“Yes I remember and I also remember that you promised to be along side me forever! Stupid mistake for bringing it up huh?”


“Yes! But do you remember my real name?”


“Yes its—Utashiv you found the state of Utah! That’s why you brought me here! It was your- our real home!”


“Yes now that you know that I still love you and really I'm not married to Natalie she’s not even real she was just a story I gave everyone so I had an excuse to come see you.”


“Oh My God Niko um Utashiv I love you too!” he kissed me then it felt so wonderful I haven’t felt his lips in so long! My body bent to the contours of his body, our bodies were like lost jigsaw puzzle pieces, once you find them they fit perfectly together.


“Love you Niko”


“Love you too Arvial what I really want to know what your real name is anyway?”


“Arvialishivatatina Alexandrashiv the second.”


“O wow that is a long name sweetheart.”


“I know that’s why I shortened it numb nuts.”


“ Thank you for the new nick name.” he said sarcastically.
He left shortly afterward and then I closed my door and sighed, and looked at the big inviting purple bed. 


“ Hmm looks inviting” I heard from behind, “Niko it’s not funny you should really go unpac-” My father stood in front of me. SHOOT. I did not see that coming. 


“So Arvialishivatatina you decided to disown your family and become mortal?”


“My name is Arvial and its none of your concern In fact your concern is a surprise to me really, You never cared for the air I BREATHED before and now you suddenly have all the care in the world for your ’little girl’?”


“You didn't answer the question my dear girl.”


“Why should I? Like I  said its none of you’re stuck up business!”


“Don’t you dare speak to me that way young lady! I came here to be civilized! All I want is answers! Your mother is sick and this incident made it worse!”


“Mummy’s sick? But how mummy is never sick! You did this didn't you! Didn't you? You’re a crummy lying cheap monster of a father!”


“Now Arvial please be civilized faeries can be sick you know, I didn't do it I swear I love your mother and I know you think you know I don’t but I love you with all my heart and I want you home please! Please Arvi girl?”

I smiled at the nickname he gave me when I fell off my Pegasus the first time. 

“Daddy I can’t its not that I don’t want to it’s because I can’t go back to fairy!”


“Well why not?”


 “I’m a mortal daddy there's no air on fairy, fairy’s witch’s and vamp’s don’t need air daddy, mortals do, I can’t go I'm sorry please tell mommy I love her. I love you daddy and I know you love me you just have an odd way in showing it.”


“Well then Arvi girl I love you and here,-he pulled out a picture of me mummy and him when I was eleven we just got to America, - I thought you might like it you know to look at and I have a picture of that Utashiv boy you were so fond of,” Just then Niko walked in, 


"Arvi darling, uh about that uh,-" he stopped, seeing my father there he tensed.

“Well hello Utashiv my boy! I suppose you don’t go by that name anymore huh?”

“No sir I go by Niko Phelps you know to keep up appearances.”


“Ah yes those damn appearances!”


“Um sir I don’t mean to be rude but what are you doing here? I thought Arvial’s location was confidential?”


“O well I have my ways and I sort of followed you invisibly of course. Heard every word to that was quite a kiss and argument hmm?”


“O god sir um well I didn't mean to break your daughter’s heart really but the promise of large game meant I could go longer without changing and I couldn't take her with me so I broke it off and then she found me and we got back together and then it didn't work out because I almost killed her, and then I got brutally wounded and found Mrs. Phelps she’s my mother of sorts now, she took me in and nursed me back to health she knew I wouldn't make it so she changed me, I’m a Halfa, sir I’m half shape shifter half Vampire.”


“Um wow uh I didn't need 600 years worth of a love story but you’re a Halfa!”


“Yes I know but then I went rogue for awhile and then I killed her daughter Phoebe I didn't want to I couldn't help she was so mouth watering. Then Danny was born,”


“Wait the King?”


“Yes he’s my brother of sorts, Cassie is my assignment I guard the royals like Arvial your a duke right?”


“Um well yes of course!” 


“Good well that wouldn't make a difference anyway I was ordered and I love your daughter nothing could rip me away not even death.”


“O Niko!” I screamed at last. My father looked flabbergasted “Daddy are you quite alright?”


“Of course I am!”


“Would you like to stay for supper?”


“Um no I really must be getting back to your mother she really does miss you terribly my dear Arvi girl.”


“I’ll write and make Niko deliver it to her how’s that?”


“Of course it sounds splendid!”


“Good bye daddy.” as he poofed out of the room. That was interesting I thought. Niko pulled me to him and whispered 


“Your father is the oddest man! Awfully forgiving to considering I took your innocence when you were 16.”


“Stop that! That was almost 545 years ago! Of course he forgave you! Besides you didn't take it I gave it to you.” I said with a sly smile motioning to the big bed. 


“You read my mind.”

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