The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


14. FoUrTeEn







“I need you to be honest with me where you were 16 years ago when I was conceived?”


“I was here, with your father I came to talk just to talk to catch up. We hadn't spoken in almost 5 centuries so we started talking Violet was still at work and then it went to far and later I found that I was pregnant and called your father and told him, I told him that Violet’s baby was going to be a still and I told him to let her rise you since I was in boot camp to become an assassin at the time I thought it was right."


“Oh whoa I didn't know you gave me up for Violet, you’re a really caring assassin you know that can’t call you mom not within hearing distance of Violet even  though Niko will tell her first chance he gets.”


“I understand sweet pea and especially not Violet she’ll be heartbroken even though I raised you” she winked and got up and went to find Niko. I went to take a shower and found Danny in the bathroom in the shower so I decided to hop in with him I closed my eyes the entire time we were in my mother’s presence after all.


The next morning I found a painting and it had Lillian daddy Arvial Niko and everyone else it was a family portrait, Danny. He started painting again. It reminded me of home and Danny’s mother she was so nice and didn't know if her sons were safe or if she was a grandma. I also missed my best friend Utalie she was an exchange student from Africa she was the nicest person in the world and was very into fashion and Justin Bieber. I missed her she was the one who introduced me to Danny in the first place.


I heard my phone ring in the middle of the night, the screen said Utalie was calling me, I looked at the time 2 in the morning, and she must have a different time zone then. I picked 

up (U= Utalie C=Cassie) 


U- what up I haven’t heard from you since your dad’s funeral. I miss you.


C-I miss you to Utalie I've been busy and my mom said it would be good for me to move to Utah for a couple of years with my aunt Violet.


U- Oh well I still miss you and I haven’t seen Danny around either is he with you or something? I heard that in Utah you guys can get married and stuff.


C-Well yes he is with me and we are married and there is another thing to…I’m pregnant!


U=Holy crap I mean congrats and like WHOA Why wasn't I invited to the wedding?


C- Seriously is that all you care about? I couldn't invite anyone from earth (she knew my super secret) and well as you know (she also knows Danny’s) Danny turned me into a Halfa and then I turned him into a half fairy like me. So that’s how he got me knocked up.


U- Oh how’s Niko?


C-(she has a major crush on Niko) Well he’s awesome he found his love and now there living happily ever after, I wish you were here though I miss you.


U-Where are you? I graduated earrly! Super smarts!


C-Um I’m in Ugata, Utah its one long road and I’m in a mansion!


U-YOUR RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


C- Um yea and theres a lot more I gotta tell ya gurl but I can’t until ya get here.


U-k. you said Ugata Utah? As in the famous town of werewolves and vampires Ugata?


C-That’s the one.


U-K see you in a couple weeks


C- K Love ya girl!


U-LOVE You too!


I hung up and saw we were on the phone for almost two hours it was 4 when I went back to bed. When I woke up it was a little after noon and I got up and went to the bathroom and then I took a shower and when I was getting ready to leave my room I heard something behind me, I slowly turned around to find Niko sitting on my bed.


“I thought we were over this Niko.” I whispered.
“Oh no dear I heard every word your father thought last night and I heard the conversation between you and Arvial last night to my sensitive ears you were screaming it!”


“Niko you guys were broken up for almost I don’t know a decade maybe two or three? Get over yourself!”


“Oh but Cassandra I don’t roll like that! Your father betrayed me I don’t blame Arvi she loved him as much as she loves me.”


“My father was going through some betrayal issues Niko! Since you ran off with his girlfriend and didn't bother to tell him if you guys were alive or not!”


“OH but only if he knew I was seeing his aunt! Oh Natalie was something! So after Arvial decided to make love to Dimitri I married her and then we divorced!”


“Your sick Niko and I thought you were nice! Taking care of me and all!”


“I only took care of you because Arvial asked me to! Although it was pretty fun having someone to protect, Danny didn't need it and after you started dating I thought you were safe so I went to find Dimitri and I did find him he was in fairy talking to who else Arvial!”


“Niko maybe you should talk to them ever since it happened you turned into well you!"


“You know maybe I will, thanks Cassie sometimes I forget your Dimi’s and not mine.”


“Thanks Nik-er Dad, that’s what I called you for as long as I could remember Niko.”


“Thanks Cass I love you in the fatherly way.”


“I love you to in a daughterly way!” He left with a smile on his face I smiled to myself and went to find Danny. He left yet another painting next to me this morning. It was of me and Niko I was a baby wearing a little Metallica t-shirt. I sighed and thought of how awfully old my husband was to know what I look like exactly as a baby. When I got to the bottom of the staircase I found Lillian playing with a kitty that looked like Arvial’s figurine of Noche Diablo.

“Hey Lilly how are you doing today?” I said while stroking the cat along the back and up the tail. 

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