The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


5. FiVe

Chapter Five: FiVe





I walked into the great hall and pixies lined the ceiling for lights since pixies are only four inches high. I saw fairies that I knew were over 4000 years old, ice sculptures of me and Danny of what looked like a war fairy that looked strangely like me and one that looked like my father. Than I saw Danny because we got separated and he looked ravishing and to tell you the truth I was thirsty not in the punch kind a way in ‘I want to rip out your throat and drink your blood kind of way’ He saw me too I was glad he was my king so I didn't have to be away from him when I was here and he was on Earth. When the dance began I felt so accepted like this was my family and my ‘mother’ was thousands of miles away and she couldn't touch me. Than I was passed to a man that had my eyes; blue with a lavender tinge and hair; brown I felt cold and I knew it wasn't Niko because he would have killed me.
“Princess Cassandra Jones you are my daughter I died to protect you from him and them, but I see they've gotten to you, you’re a Halfa.”


“Wha wrong wih being a hafa”That’s what it sounded like what I meant was “what’s wrong with being a Halfa?” I didn't get it out because I fainted from blood lust and shock. 


When I woke up everyone was around me they didn't dare move me afraid I would bite them or something. I couldn't blame them though, but I needed the blood I saw a wrist in front of me and it looked human but smelled funky like a vampire but it was a source of blood so I bit it. I never tasted anything as good as that. Danny look amused to see the way I was chugging on…..NIKO’S ARM! When I was done I screamed
“Who the hell let this monster in my place of peace and sanctuary away from evil like him?” I pointed to Niko. That's why the blood smelled funky it was shape shifter and vampire. I was so ticked off.    


“Tell me now please.”


“I came on my own accord nobody saw me because I was in the form of your precious mother.”


“What did you do to my crack head of a mother if you hurt her I’ll kill you I swear I will!”


“I didn't hurt her; oh I must say her blood makes me so high!” he was trying to make me lose it, to make me angry so I would crack and attack him. Danny held on to me.


“You drank from her and I just drank from you! Gross I just drank my mother’s blood!”



 My grandmother and fairy friends yelled, Danny just chuckled to himself. Niko had no choice he had to leave he was vampire and he wasn't welcome. So he poofed out like he did in my old house I decided to drop out of school and stay here and go to Queen  Heliatia’s school for Royal Fairy’s(she’s the first Halfa high queen.) instead so can Danny if he wants to. After all he is my king


When I walked into my new school which I now owned everyone bowed and a couple offered their wrist to me it was creepy at least Danny decided to stay he said a 1000 years with me was way better than 500 with Niko. A teenaged fairy girl came up to me and said this creepy message.


“You don’t deserve him. I’ll do everything in my power to get him away from you. To pay for what your parents did to my mother and father.” 


I learned her name was Yolanda Fulashight her mother was a teacher here. Miss. Natalie Fulashight. It made me feel better that I could fire her mother and expel her daughter.
I was a happy princess until I remembered my father was alive all this time and nobody told not even Rosandra. That also ticked me off, lately a lot of things ticked me off. Danny said it was the wacky hormonal stuff that went on after the vampire changerooni bite. I actually missed my old school where I was a nobody with a really extremely hot boyfriend with a secret. I even kind of missed my whacked up family. I even missed the cafeteria food that moved an inch when you poked it and the lunch lady that gave extra food if you gave her a dollar or if it was your birthday or you just looked blue. But nobody would hear of me leaving my kingdom not even for family and friend visits I felt trapped inside my own kingdom I was caged and nobody could help not even Danny with his supernatural strength we the fairies were ten times as strong well we don’t look it but we are. 

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