The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


15. fIfTeEn




“Good I heard mommy and Niko fighting last night.”

“Niko and mommy? Are you sure it wasn't daddy?”

“I’m pretty sure it was Niko’s voice Cassie. Daddy was saying goodnight to the moon like he always does outside.”

“Oh really? Um what were they fighting about?”

“Something about Lilly isn't Dimitri’s daughter and you’re not mommy’s daughter that her’s was born dead or something.”

“O god! I have to find Ma-er Violet.”

“K see you later Cassie and Cassie you’ll always be my sister.”

“Thanks kid. Same to you.” I ran towards the kitchen and saw Violet washing the breakfast 

plates and glasses.

“Hey Violet I heard about your spat with Niko last night are you alright?” I went to touch her and she flinched and said 

“Don’t ever touch me bastard! I don’t care what Lillian is but your not my daughter no matter what Dimitri says he fooled me long enough besides I didn't raise you Niko did! And that whore Arvial!”

“Arvial didn't raise me only your damn sister and Niko, do you know that your sister gave less to me and Jake then she did Niko? She spent our grocery money on crack and alcohol for Jake, Jake is only 13 years old and he’s also a Halfa he’s a hybrid a vampire/human! So is Lillian whether you want to hear it or not!” I spat and stormed out of the room. I heard her call after me, 

“NEVER SPEAK TO MY DAUGHTER LILLIAN EVER UNDERSTAND IF YOU SEE HER TURN THE OTHER WAY!” I wished the 3 Horror Musketeers would kill her or Toddy to come back as a Zombie and eat her damn guts out. I slept most of the day and stayed far away from Violet her name should be Violent and Uncontrollable.

I told Dimitri that Lillian wasn't his daughter and that she was Niko’s. He did it to get back at him all those years ago. I also told him about Natalie.He was livid and I mean volcano livid like when you see Donald Duck get angry and he turns red and stream comes out? That kind of Livid. I was scared for my other dad.

It was the morning Utalie was supposed to arrive and I woke up extra early to see her. Danny woke up to with me even though he hates her with a passion because she’s a white person from Africa and he thought it was wrong that white people came to Africa in the first place he thought we were invading their homeland. I heard a car horn honk at 7:30am and I rushed down the stairs hoping it wasn't the milk man yeah Ugata still has milk men. It wasn't of course it was the wrong day for the super cute milk man to arrive. It was Utalie and she looked like she was moving in I wondered what she thought of the house. Well she stopped short after entering the gates with the big ‘D’ and ‘V’ intertwined on them and just let her mouth hang open. I ran out to help her and she noticed me in time to not be knocked off her feet. She dropped her bags and met me half way ha-ha half and we hugged what seemed like hours which it was only minutes. I carried her bags in and showed her, her room. She gaped at that to. I told her this was my old room when I was a newborn before I was shipped out to my aunt’s house. 

“Okay Uta we have breakfast in a couple minutes so freshen up and I’ll see you downstairs! Danny wants me to pose for a new painting!” She looked confused but then started unpacking. I ran into whom else but Niko coming back to my room. It was his day to make breakfast. 

“Hey Niko what’s up?” 

“Nothing much ladybug, just going to make breakfast what do you wants?” 

“Oh um scrambled eggs with special ketchup! Thanks Diko! (Diko is a nickname I gave him its Dad and Niko blended in together!)” 

“Alright I see that Utalie made it OK.” 

“Yea she’s unpacking now! Danny wants me to pose again. He does this every month to document my pregnancy.” 

“Good luck with that Ladybug. And look I know you found out about Toddy, don’t tell VI alright?” 

“I don’t even talk to her anymore not since our little spat a couple weeks ago. Do you know she banned me from speaking to Lillian?” 

“WHAT? Why?”

“Because I’m not her daughter and Lillian isn't Dimitri’s daughter.” 

“Great now Dimitri’s going to freak at me!” 
I was thinking the same thing but instead I said 

“Calm down Niko, I mean seriously I’m sure he will take it with werewolf charm.”

“By that you mean rip my throat out and feed it to the bird’s charm. GREAT!” he walked away before I could answer. I ran to my room and started posing and finally Danny was done and we went to pick up Utalie from her room and we went to breakfast of course Niko and Arvial already knew Utalie so I introduced her to Violet and daddy and Lillian.
Violet didn't look at me and looked disgusted because I was there talking. I hate her I tried not to look at Lillian but Dad said that Lilly was talking to me and I had to answer her

"Cassie can you and Danny take me flying again? I had so much fun and I wanted to take Utalie with us? ‘’ 
I looked at Violet to see what I should answer; she looked at Lilly then at me and nodded yes.

"Sure Lilly we’ll go after lunch."

“Yeah!” she looked happy and finished her eggs and rushed upstairs to wait for lunch me, I  giggled and went back to eating my special eggs and ketchup. Utalie was looking at them and was thinking what the ketchup could be I leaned over and told her it was Niko’s special recipe for ketchup tomato, human and animal blood and salt.

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