The Half Bloods

When 16 year old Cassie decides to turn into a halfa or a fairy vampire things go terribly wrong. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father passes away in a tragic car accident and her mother is an addict to crack her 13 year old brother is a drunk and come to find out her boyfriend's brother raised her all her life. What is a fairy girl to do.


11. ElEvEn






“Yeah of course you did!”


The rest of day went by uneventful. Everybody was talking about my verbal fight with Ms U got Shit. And now she doesn't have it she’s freak full of it. Ms Fullofshit was my next teacher of the day her actual name is Ms Fulashight. I think there from a country that no longer exists. I wasn't late this time. She actually likes me she was so much different then her sister I learned they were sisters going through their files. She teaches Global Math Skills through the Ages. Let me tell you math is so boring in the first place now we have to learn what it was like to do it before the wheel was invented! That class went by so slow and finally it was the end of day. I saw Cassie talking to Yolanda she was a 500 year old in a 16 year old's body from Spain. 


“Hello Yolanda, Cassie my sweet,” I smooched her right there in front of Yolanda because I knew Yolanda thought she could still me away. She liked the danger of the vamp gene. Yolanda walked away a little while later after inviting us to her party next what they call Fridays here oh yeah Urahs next Urah. Its all weird up here everything is different even the air. And the color of the water not that I drink it but I wouldn't swim in it that’s for sure. It looked like the BLOB from the 1958 film puked everything it ate in the last 50 years into this pond thing it was disgusting it was even pink.Cassie and I walked in silence for a little while. 


“Hey Cassie you know I love you and not Yolanda right” pronouncing Yolanda’s name like a high rapper in Hollywood. She giggled and said 


“I know Danny but she’s so pretty and Im-” I cut her off, 


“Your the most popular beautiful girl fairy in that school they call a school and I’m proud to be your husband.”

“Awww Danster I love you to! And I’m proud to be your wife and queen, you forgot king,” I couldn't help but smile the sun radiated of her skin making her shimmer like a crystal she was so beautiful and I felt bad because Arvial was pretty in the sun and Niko would always look at her with so much longing and I knew he made it a point to keep Arvi away from Dimitri for a good reason though I guess if you understood his logic; Dimitri already knew they were together and knew Niko got bit by a vampire and so he knew Arvial could look after herself so he didn't tell her Dimitri was in Ugata still and his daughter was a crossed the street.


“Danny? Are you alright? You almost passed the castle and that kind of hard unless you’re blind.”


“Oh well I was thinking how beautiful you were in the sun and then it shifted to Niko and Arvial and Dimitri, Niko never told Dimitri that Arvial was still with him and he didn't tell Arvial that Dimitri was still in Ugata.”


“How awful, did Dimitri love Arvial? I bet she loved Niko more to run away with him like she did especially for the time.”


“I guess so but I have to tell you something your father is Dimitri,”


“WHAT!” I guessed she already knew she was just acting surprised for me.


“No way! My dad can’t be a werewolf! He’s half human! He can’t live here!” she was faking that too.


“Dear yes he can he’s a special werewolf he’ 1/4 fairy.” I was playing along to make her feel better.


“Oh well who told you this?”


“Gran” I said matter of factly. And walked a crossed the moat bridge and into the castle “Cassie hurry up these guys can’t keep the portcullis open for long, love.”


“Alright I’m coming” she said. 


“Keep it open for a few minutes more and I’ll help you.” I went over to the wheel and started to push Cassie was inside so I stopped and so did the trolls. “Thanks you guys Itsa uya goa.” they nodded in return and went of to rest.

“I didn't know you spoke trollish.”


“I’m full of surprises actually I learned it when Niko took me to see Arvial.”


“Oh how long did you stay?”


“Oh about a year.”


“Wow that’s a long time for a vampire to be in Faery.”


“Arvial had a special room built for us.”


“Oh that’s cool I guess.”


“I hear Niko and Arvi will be coming in about a week or month.”


“That’s cool just keep Niko away from Ms.Fulashight!”


She giggled and ran up the vast staircase and went to the room I followed her I was still faster but not by much anymore since my wings can’t retract like Cassie’s its painful to lay down at night Grams showed me how she used to do it and it worked a lot.


“Hey you beat me again Cassie dearest my lovely muse!”


“I guess I did Danny my King. You let me win again!”


“I did no such thing” swooping her up into my arms and then a kissed her and threw her unto the bed and we wrestled and kissed and then we went farther until well you can guess the rest. 

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