What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


50. What is going to happen??

Lory's P.O.V 
I got home and checked my phone it was 10:30pm and I had a text... From Neysh 

 Neysh: Sooooo how did the date go?! Call me when you get back huehehe :3

 I didn't know if I should call her since it was so late so I texted her

 Me: are you awake? 
Me: ok ok just let me change into my pajamas
Neysh: ugh okie...

I went and took a quick shower and changed into my pajamas, I laid on my bead and I put my computer on my  lap to check twitter and Facebook as I called Neysh. I closed the door also so I wouldn't wake up my parents and Luke 

I dialed her number and let it ring. She picked up after the first ring 

 -OMG LORY TELL ME!!!, HOW WAS THE DATE?- she screamed 

 -ok so it was fine at the start, but then he put his arm around me while we where watching the movies and then it got awkward...-

 -oh... Well if you guys are going to date is going to get awkward at some point-

-I don't know if we are going to date, we only went on one date-

 -oh please you like him, he likes you you are totally gonna date-

-ugh your so pushy-
She laughed -No I'm not!-

I laughed -well we better go to sleep its getting late- I said 

 -ugh I don't want to go to sleep- 
I checked if she was online in Facebook and she was

 -ok well we can chat on Facebook because I have to charge my phone it's like at 30 percent- 

- Okay bye-

We kept talking all night until 2:00 am

***********next morning***********
My alarm clock went off and I hit the snooze. I stood up and got dressed for school 

I grabbed a yogurt and put some blueberries on top. I grabbed my bookbag and my phone and waited for Harry at the front porch like we all do since he got his car

He got here 10 minutes early, I went and sat at the back with Neysh since I'm always the last one to be picked up.

 -hey guys-

  -hey- they all said 

-ugh I'm so tired- Neysh whined 

 -well no one told you to stay up till 2 am talking with me- she laughed and we all talked on the way to the school

We got to school and luckily Harry found a parking close to the front of the school 

Neysh and I went to our lockers to put all our stuff as usual  

-ugh I feel like today is going to be more awkward than the date-

 -why?- Neysh asked 
-hello?? It's the day after the date and were just going to be normal about it? No!-

-your over reacting lory, just calm down and everything will be fine- 







Hey guy I'm sorry for the short chapter this is just a filler and more exiting things will happen soon. 

So right now I'm writing this and watching dancing with the stars finale and I'm so nervous idk who is going to win!!!! :D comment who you think is going to win


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