What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


7. Truth or dare

Niall's POV 

I woke up And Neysh was still sleeping in my arms she looked so peaceful. I keep looking at her for like 3 more minutes, when she woke up. She saw me looking at her and smiled at me

-Good morning princess- I said

-morning nialler
What time is it?-

I cheked my phone 
-its 6:00 A.M.-

  -Im gonna go prepare for school you can take my mom's car And go change then come back to bring the car back-

-Ok well im gonna go, where are the keys?-

-In the kitchen- she said 

And went to change.

I grabed the keys And drove to my house I took a quick shower And washed my teeth I put some jeans And a red shirt.

I went to Neysh house and yelled 

-Ok IM ALMOST DONE!!- She yelled back

Soon I heard someone coming downstairs it was neysh she was wearing some black shorts with And Orange top and her black vans her hair was in a ponytale she looked so beautyful. I think I was staring at her because she was blushing And looked away. Why am i thinking like that shes one of my best friends. I put my arm around her and we went out. When we got to the bus stop and neysh saw that lory was watching us she quickly pulled away from my arm.

Neysh POV 

When lory saw me walking with Niall I quickly let myself out of Nialls arm, she looked away. But I could tell she was a little mad,  I sat down beside her.

-Hey lory-

-Hey Neysh-

-Want to hang out in my house after school?-

-I would but Harry is staying with us And I can't leave him alone-

-Well obviously I was going to invite Harry And Niall-

-Okay then, yes im going-

The bus came we got to school. The classes went normaly. At lunch time we were talking And eating.

-Hey guys after school want to hang out at my house?-

Harry and Niall agreed

-Hey Neysh why did you leave yesterday?- Harry asked

-I...um...I wansn't feeling to well- I looked at lory not trying to look Harry in the eyes

-Oh ok-

We keep talking about random things.

The rest of the day went slow after school we went to my house.

-Lets watch a movie- I said

Ok what movie? Harry said

-The hunger games??-

 Yeah they all said 

-Ok lory put the movie Niall go find the pillows And blankets And harry move the couches And close the curtains.- I ordered

-Ahoy captain- Niall said saluting 

We all laughed at NIALLS goofynes

I went to the kitchen And grabed two giant bowls And made six packs of popcorn. I put the popcorn in the bowls And maked my way to the living room. They put the blankets And pillows in the floor And the movie was starting I put the bowls one for Niall Because I know how much he loves food And one for me Harry And lory. We watched the movie And when it was finish I said I was hungry.
-Niall, Harry go buy some Mc Donalds-

-You want us to walk to McDonald are you crazy woman?!- Harry argued 

-Take mom's car- I said rolling my eyes and handing Harry the keys

-Ok c'mon Niall-

When they were gone Lory asked me 
-Did Niall came to cheer you up yesterday??-

-Yeah he took me to the movies And we watched Cloudy With a chance of meatballs-
 -oh ok-
-and ... Well since we got here so late I told him to stay here and we were watching tv and I sorta kinda fell asleep in his arms-

She had tears in her eyes and look kind of sad/angry
-and about this morning 
He was te one who put his arms around me I had nothing to do with it-

-Its fine im glad you told me-

-Now I feel sad , you know I wouldn't do anything to hurt you your like a sister to me And you know I dont like Niall that way hes just my best friend And you know I like harry a lot-

-Yeah I know-

I huged her abd soon the boys came with the food, we ate and Harry asked
-Who wants to play thruth or dare ?-

We all said yes

Ok im going first I said 
I spinned the bottle . It landed on lory 
 -ok lory , truth or dare?-


-Ok I dare you to put this nugget in your coke And then eat it-

She put the nugget in the coke then looked at it And without thinking she put the nugget in her mouth she almost puked And the face she made , was hilarious!

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